Hottest Yacht Toys FunAir Wave Loungers and custom Jet Ski Dock on charter yacht MY Crossed Sabre

The Hottest Yacht Toys for Your Mediterranean Summer

Summer season in the Mediterranean is fast approaching, and we know owners, captains, and crew are looking to amp up their yachts for the busy few months ahead.

Whether you want to shake up your evening soirées or impress while at anchor, FunAir’s yacht toys and inflatables are the way to stay at the top of your game this summer.

From sleek pool setups to innovative beach bars and adrenaline-pumping slides, we’ve curated a list of must-have items to make your Mediterranean charter unforgettable.

The Beach Club Sea Pool

FunAir custom Sea Pool Wave Loungers and Umbrellas on Motor Yacht Koju

Yacht charter guests are all about lounging in their private oasis, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and basking in the Mediterranean sun. That’s why the Beach Club Sea Pool setup has taken Instagram by storm, made complete by our chic Wave Loungers. Not only does it look epic, but the expansive pool edging allows guests to walk freely around the Sea Pool, socialise, and sunbathe close to the water’s edge. This inflatable not only provides guests with the ultimate relaxation experience, but it is also a glamorous backdrop for many photoshoots!

For yachts with limited storage space, the FunFlex system offers a versatile solution for inflatables, allowing you to create the Beach Club Sea Pool look and feel while prioritising convenience. FunFlex has all the components of the Beach Club Sea Pool that can be broken down into separate pieces—perfect for yachts with smaller toy boxes.

The Superyacht Beach Bar Range

FunAir Beach Bar from charter yacht MY Viva with crew member set up on dockside

With a flurry of parties and events along the Mediterranean coast, guests want to enjoy all that the onboard life has to offer. To add a new element to an evening drinks party, many yachts are transforming new spaces into fun, pop-up beach bars. Our Beach Bar range offers a convenient solution, allowing you to create a fully equipped bar within minutes—wherever the charter guests feel like entertaining. After the festivities have moved on, simply deflate and store the bar away, maintaining a sleek and clutter-free deck, ready to be enjoyed the next morning.

Yacht Slides

FunAir inflatable Yacht Slide on charter yacht MY Aquarius

An enduring classic, no yacht charter in the Med is complete without a Yacht Slide, and our range of slides cater to every taste and budget. Whether you choose a standard design or a custom creation, our bestselling water Slides promise hours of adrenaline-fueled fun for guests of all ages.

Yacht slides have quickly become a must-have toy for charter and private yachts alike. You can even add that extra touch by designing the slide with the yacht’s logo or colouring. Keep your yacht on-trend and competitive on the charter market by investing in this perennial favourite—we promise you won’t regret it.

The Super Dock Superyacht Concept

The FunAir super dock sea pool playground and wave loun gers on charter superyacht Lady Moura

Take your onboard entertainment options to the next level with FunAir’s Super Dock concept, designed to create an expansive playground on the water. Imagine a complete floating dock solution that can accommodate all your yacht toys, provide a walkway around the yacht, allow charter guests to spend time by the water, and provide extra space for Wave Loungers and toys. It truly has it all.

The Super Dock is an enormous setup and the possibilities are endless. The modular design allows you to completely customise how the floating docks add to the guest experience. Elevate your yacht’s allure with this attention-grabbing feature—it’ll be the talk of the port.

Yacht Shading Solutions

FunAir X DeckTent Shaded Loungers

Many people love the warm days of their trips around the hotspots of Europe but don’t necessarily want to be in the sun. As awareness of skincare and well-being grows, yachts are increasingly opting for shading solutions to protect guests from the powerful heat of the Mediterranean sun. By partnering with Tuuci, we’ve introduced parasols specifically designed for the Beach Club Sea Pool, offering both style and functionality. And, our collaboration with Deck Tent means more new shaded options for yacht guests, such as The Shaded Oasis, the Floating Shaded Lounger, and Floating Shaded Island. These inflatables ensure a comfortable and protected experience for guests of all ages.

Angled Jet Ski Docks

FunAir angles jet ski dock on Motor Yacht Lonian
Image: @theamazingyacht

Inspired by the sleek design spotted on M/Y Lonian in Portofino, angled Jet Ski Docks are this season’s latest craze. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the yacht, but captains and guests alike love their functionality— they make parking a breeze.

A huge hit with both experienced and beginner jet skiers, the angled dock allows guests to seamlessly get on and off the jet ski. These designs are also perfect for yachts with limited space around them in smaller bays or alcoves, or if the guests want to prioritise space for other toys and activities.

Get Your Summer Yacht Toys, Fast

The FunAIr Modular SeaPool Jet Ski Dock and Yacht Slide on charter superyacht Bliss

Need a last-minute yacht inflatable for your charter? Our QuickShip options mean that you can have a huge selection of our bestselling products delivered to your yacht all over the world.

From luxurious pool setups to adrenaline-pumping slides, these inflatable trends are guaranteed to elevate your yacht’s charter experience this summer and leave a lasting impression on superyacht guests. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the best of the Mediterranean lifestyle with these must-have additions to your yacht.

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