Why Choose FunAir Superyacht Inflatables?

Why Choose FunAir Superyacht Inflatables?

At FunAir, we make yachts fun. Our range of superyacht inflatables are loved by owners, guests and dare we say it, crew on yachts across the globe, and we are beyond proud to be the industry’s leading manufacturer of inflatable yacht toys.

So what exactly makes FunAir products so special and why should you choose us? We inflate the fun to bring people together to create lasting memories and fall in love with the ocean, but there’s more to it than that. Read on to discover why we’re the number one supplier of yacht inflatables and why we work hard to ensure we use the highest quality materials, have the most elegant designs, and think just as hard about making the crews life easier as we do about generating more fun than your guests will know what to do with.

Yacht Toys with Unrivalled Quality and Reliability

FunAir Superyacht Inflatables Yacht Slide and Sea Pool

Since we manufactured our first Yacht Slide in 2013, we’ve known that quality is one of the most important factors when purchasing new yacht toys. At FunAir, we ensure that all our products are manufactured to the highest standard so that you can provide your guests with maximum fun and comfort, season after season.

All FunAir products are vigorously checked by our quality control team. Our designs are constantly evolving and adapting to incorporate the latest materials and technologies once they have been thoroughly tested. This means we can ensure our superyacht inflatables are the very best on the market. With our three-year limited warranty, you can rest assured that any FunAir product is built to last and will keep guest after guest smiling from ear to ear.

Fully Custom Designs and Branding

FunAir Custom Superyacht Inflatables Sea Pool and Playground
image: @liajstrike & @motoryachtnomad via Instagram

Each and every superyacht is unique, with its own personality, aesthetic, and branding. Owners, captains and crew take pride in keeping their yacht looking beautiful and coordinated, and its ocean bound toy box should be no different. Our in-house engineering team is ready to work with you to create your next dream inflatable yacht toy. Whether it’s custom sizing or a whole new concept, the only limitation is your imagination, and of course a nod to the laws of physics.

With FunAir’s custom-designed inflatables, there’s no need to worry about them looking out of place. Your FunAir portfolio will blend right in when branded with your yacht’s logos and colour scheme. We even supply luxury soft covers on the inflatable beach furniture and inflatable loungers that can be completely personalised to match your yacht.

Seamless Fit for all Integrated Superyacht Inflatables

FunAir Yacht Slide Quickship

When we work with yachts to create custom Yacht Slides, Jet Ski Docks, Climbing Walls or any of our integrated inflatables, we work hard to ensure that our products fit your yacht seamlessly. Using either the vessel’s general arrangement, an easy to follow measuring guide we can send to you, or an in-person visit to the yacht, we take the required measurements and use the latest 3D CAD technology to create the perfect fit for your custom yacht toy.

Superfast Set-up With Patented RapidFlate Technology

FunAir Rapid Inflate System

Our patented RapidFlate technology means FunAir products inflate and deflate six times faster than any other traditional methods. This faster set-up time means guests are not left waiting around for equipment to be set up. More play for guests results in more downtime and less stress for the crew, a happier environment, and an all round successful charter experience.

Easy to Clean

FunAir Easy to Clean Yacht Inflatables

All FunAir yacht inflatables are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Products are manufactured using super-lightweight yet super durable materials so that crew can easily dry and clean our water toys before storing them. We’ve also made sure that there are no hidden pockets or annoying flaps, eliminating the risk of mould or mildew forming in hidden creases.

Get it Fast With QuickShip Global Deliveries

FunAir Jetski Docks Quickship

We know that requests from superyacht owners and last-minute charter bookings can mean that you need your orders fast. That’s why we offer our QuickShip products. We have a selection of our most popular products permanently in stock and ready to ship to accommodate time-sensitive requests. QuickShip products include yacht slides, sea pools, yacht climbing walls, inflatable SUPs, floating shaded loungers, jet ski docks, and many more. Just look for the QuickShip logo.

Versatile Superyacht Accessories

FunAir Superyacht Inflatables Custom Sea Pool and Versatile Beach Lounger
image: @yachtkoju via Instagram

We purposely designed our superyacht inflatables to be as versatile as possible. Take our Floating Shaded Island, for example. The triangular hub connects three Floating Shaded Loungers to create a six person island. Each lounger can be used individually or grouped together, and they work just as well on the beach as they do floating in the shallows, or tethered to the yacht out at anchor. Another great addition to our Beach Furniture Collection are Wave Loungers which also provides the perfect seat to lounge by your Beach Club Sea Pool, or on deck for sunbathing and movie nights under the stars.

Every Yacht Toy Packs Small and Light

FunAir Compact Superyacht Inflatables

Storage aboard a superyacht is usually minimal. We also know that superyacht crew works hard enough without having to haul around heavy equipment and then spend time fighting to pack it down. With this in mind, we manufacture all FunAir products using the most innovative materials that are both strong and light. We purposely design our products to pack small so that they take up minimal storage space and carry light so they can be transported, set up and packed away with ease. Everything from our hot air welded double T-strip seam placements to our D-Ring locations is designed with a purpose.

Inclusive Fun for all the Family

FunAir Sea Stairs

At FunAir, we put a lot of thought into how are products are used. Taking into account the scope of our yacht toys and the age and physical abilities of their users, we’ve put in place an abundance of features to help keep the fun rolling. From non-slip surfaces and SeaStairs that help you get elegantly in and out of the water, to netting in sea pools and splash pools that keep younger swimmers in a defined area, or even stabilising outriggers on the BigAir Blob to stop the swell from dictating when the fun starts. We aim to give everyone the best possible experience when using our superyacht toys and beach furniture.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to demonstrate just how passionate we are about creating the best and most exciting superyacht inflatables. Check out our website to browse our full range of products and learn more about everything FunAir. Or, get in touch now to discuss your next superyacht toy.

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