The Practical Side of Superyacht Fun

The Practical Side of Superyacht Fun

You’ve just dropped anchor in the most sublime cove in the Exumas. Colours of turquoise and deep blue surround the superyacht and it looks incredibly inviting – the guests can’t wait to dive right in. As the first officer your focus is split between creating the ultimate charter experience and maintaining the safety of your guests and the yacht. The captain secured a spot just off an island where guests have total freedom, and you now need to make sure they are given the proper instructions, so they feel secure and at ease as they get ready to enjoy time in the water.

An eye is kept on the horizon for other superyachts and fast paced jet skis to ensure your guests stay away from any obstacles. At times it feels like you must have eyes in the back of your head! From judging each guests’ swimming ability to proper use of water toys, to bearing in mind local jet ski regulations, there are so many safety aspects to keep track of onboard a superyacht.

What rules have you put in place to maintain safety on board? Maybe you caution guests from jumping over railings at a certain height. Perhaps you insist on crew check-in intervals to make sure guests are accounted for and everything is running smoothly. At FunAir, we want you to breathe easier! We are passionate about providing top quality inflatables to create the ultimate guest charter experience, but did you also know our superyacht toys and docks can be used to enhance the safety and wellbeing of your yacht and guests?

Jet Ski Docks & Toy Island

Jet Ski Dock

FunAir’s inflatable Jet Ski Docks can be completely custom built or there is a range of in -stock QuickShip options. Both take out the need for a drift line and means you get the convenience of parking your jet skis and other powered yacht toys without hassle.

The custom Jet Ski Docks are also tailor-made to fit your specific transom no matter the width. It’s a stylish yacht docking solution that not only adds to the fun for your guests, but also provides ultimate peace of mind for the captain and crew. The textured non-skid material enhances stable footing and the ballast bags create excellent stability preventing the dock from skating atop the water. The Jet Ski Docks accommodate any type of PWC including sailboats, eFoils, wakeboards, tenders and even RIBs. They can even be designed with custom interchangeable inserts for yacht toys like SeaBobs or Jet Skis, and other FunAir superyacht inflatables like a Sea Pool, or a Work Platform to provide additional space behind the yacht. The Jet Ski Dock is incredibly versatile and adds to the protection of your guests and the superyacht.

Jet Ski Docks also create shielding for your yacht’s stern as the inflatable dock stands in as a cushioned fender for guests bringing the skis back. This way, both the guests and paintwork have an inflatable barrier in place if someone is a little heavy-handed on the throttle. The docks also ungulate with the swell of the water and in time with the watercraft, making the transition from PWC to the swim platform a much more elegant procedure.

Toy Island

Another fantastic inflatable docking solution is the FunAir Toy Island which is tethered to free-float away from the yacht or jetty. The Toy Island is completely customisable and holds a combination of up to four jet skis, two SeaBobs, two eFoils, SUPs and several guests!

Just like the Jet Ski Dock, the Toy Island comes with our patented SeaStairs so climbing up from the water is a breeze. The Jet Ski Dock and Toy Island both make for a great go-to spot for guest safety briefings since they can cool off with their feet in the water while listening to the instructions. This way, you’ll finally conduct safety briefings your guests actually want to listen to!

Netted Sea Pool & Lagoon Pool

Beach Club Sea Pool

The cutting-edge Beach Club Sea Pool is a netted sea pool designed with anti-critter mesh creating an enclosed space to take a dip! You can choose from various netting options to suit your specific needs and enjoy a leisurely swim knowing you won’t accidentally drift away from the yacht, even with in strong ocean current.

The Beach Club Sea Pool is our most Instagrammed product and after you see the pictures, you’ll know why! With a wide deck, you can place multiple Wave Loungers and parasols on each end to have a relaxed poolside experience while taking in the views of the sea. The Beach Club Sea Pool also comes with grab handles to support less confident swimmers and SeaStairs to make the water to deck transition more comfortable.

Lagoon Pool

You can also choose our Lagoon Pool which is an ultra-compact, lightweight sea pool. We even offer an Aussie Edition which has net panels containing a tighter weave to help stave off smaller jellyfish and other unwanted critters. At 2.25m deep, the Lagoon Pool gives space for plenty of fun while helping to protect kids from floating away if the current suddenly picks up. The ultra-lightweight design means minimal crew can easily and quickly move it from storage to the sea, getting your guests into the water in under 15 minutes.

Another crew benefit is that the tethered weight bags can be recovered without crew needing to enter the water and adjusted depending on the water conditions, so you can rest assured your superyacht pool will suit varying currents. If you need an extra-large or smaller netted sea pool, FunAir provides fully customised solutions fitting the bill.



The FunAir SeaStairs offer an innovative solution using our patented technology to get your guests in and out of the water as simply as if they are walking up a set of stairs. The unique design is fully connectable to a variety of FunAir products via stainless D rings, and the non-slip material means guests are provided with more stable footing.

FunAir SeaStairs also move with the ocean swell so it feels natural getting back on board. No more awkward hoisting yourself up like a seal, the SeaStairs make the sea-to-platform transition smooth and easy. Our SeaStairs are especially helpful for little ones who may find it difficult getting up onto inflatables and their parents have the peace of mind knowing their kids feel more confident getting out of the water. FunAir SeaStairs come as standard with the Toy Island, Floating Oasis, Sea Pool, Lagoon Pool and many other FunAir inflatable yacht toys.

Splash Island & Floating Island

Splash Island

The Splash Island is not only a fantastic way to sunbathe tethered behind your tender or yacht, or even from the beach or dock, but also acts as a rest area for guests who want to take a moment to relax between strenuous water sports.

The focus on superyachts is placed so much on fun activities to keep guests happy and entertained, but it’s important to also provide space for their recuperation, as we all know time spent in the sun and salt water can really take it out of you. The Splash Island places this platform at sea level so guests don’t need to worry about heading back up to the deck to rest, they can simply transition from swimming or from their PWC to the Splash Island to re-energise for another activity. Six premium bolsters frame the Island to provide a comfortable back or arm rest while the 15 cm deep dipping pool in the centre keeps guests cool whilst recovering.

Floating Island

You can also opt for the Floating Island which includes six ergonomic and removeable Chaise Loungers and is designed with an encompassing perimeter tube inhibiting items from rolling into the ocean. The Chaise Loungers are often used for luxury beach set ups as well, providing super comfortable lounging wherever your guests wish to relax.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Last but not least, the Leap of Faith yacht jump platform is both the captain and guests’ dream. The first thing any excited charter guest wants to do upon anchoring is leap right off the boat from the highest level possible. The Leap of Faith provides a launching platform from the top deck of the yacht directly into the ocean below, situated away from the yacht’s hull without the potential hazard of climbing over rails or on slippery surfaces.

The jump platform’s non-slip surface enhances stable footing upon launch-off and the “over the rail” designed stairs mean rail climbing is not necessary. As with most FunAir products, the colours can be fully customised to pair perfectly with your yacht’s branding or charter guests’ preference. It’s also extremely quick to inflate and deflate, only taking a few minutes, and packs down tight for storing in the top deck or main hold.

Also, like all FunAir yacht inflatables, the Leap of Faith is incredibly durable and quality-made with a 3-year limited warranty. You don’t need to compromise fun to improve safety levels, and all of our superyacht inflatable toys are designed to fill to your imagination so as long as you can dream it up, we can typically make it happen.

Practical Fun with FunAir

FunAir Yacht Joust in the shallow waters of a beach in the British Virgin Islands

Despite the name, we at FunAir think just as hard about the practicalities as we do about making the fun happen. FunAir was established to fill the gap in the market of truly durable, easy to set up, inflatable products which are designed well and satiate charter guests’ needs for fun. Our products are designed in Austin, Texas by our in-house engineering team where we invest heavily into research and development so you can be assured the very latest reliable, strong, and lightest materials are used.

We place our focus on the integrity of our products as much as our professional integrity. This is why each inflatable is carefully engineered to be completely customisable to fit your superyacht and guests’ needs. The products are created in a holistic way where we look at the ergonomics, durability, ease of use and of course…the fun factor!

We do everything we can to make sure our products are as practical as possible, from non-slip surfaces and no jump nets, to stabilising outriggers and multiple netting options on our Yacht Pools, we consider the crew who are managing the fun in every one of our designs.

We also understand the crew’s need for ease of deployment, so our patented RapidFlate is used in all our larger products. This means you can inflate and deflate at a rate six times faster than traditional superyacht inflatables due to a one-of-a-kind valve mechanism.

We truly want you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy developing them! We are proud to say FunAir is the superyacht industry’s leading inflatable yacht toys supplier, and our team is incredibly passionate about making everyone’s yachting experiences as fun and unforgettable as possible.

If you have any questions please do reach out to the team directly via [email protected]

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