Stunning beach in Mallorca with turquoise water, white sand and lush foliage

The Best Beaches and Coves for Superyacht Crew to Explore in Palma

With Palma being one of the Mediterranean’s favourite superyacht hubs, you’ll likely be spending some time there in the near future. If you and your crew-mates are lucky enough to have some time off while you are there, and are looking to satisfy your sense of adventure, then our selection of some of the best beaches and coves for superyacht crew to explore in Palma should help quell your adventurous itch.

The great thing about the island of Mallorca is that you’re never really more than an hour from one side to the other. So being based in a yacht club or marina in Palma means some of the best beaches and coves in the Med are less than an hour’s drive or a short bus or tender ride away. So grab your water, sunscreen, scuba gear, inflatable stand-up paddleboards, favourite water toys and head to these outstanding spots.

Playa Del Mago

The beautiful beaches at Playa Del Mago in Mallorca, Spain

Just thirty minutes from Palma central lies Playa Del Mago. Whilst maybe not the most private of beaches, it is one of the most beautiful on this island and is a great option for yacht crew that don’t mind sharing their beach time if the view is worth it. The tiny beach is only around 20 metres long, 7 metres wide and is situated in an unspoilt cove surrounded by rocks and greenery where the fine white sand gently slopes into the shallow, crystal clear waters.

Playa Del Mago is so picturesque that it was used as a filming location for the 1967 classic film, The Magician, starring Michael Caine and Anthony Quinn. It was also one of Mallorca’s first naturist beaches, so don’t be too shocked when you spot a nudist sunbathing across from you. If you start to feel thirsty or peckish, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a small fish restaurant here called Bar Playa del Mago.

Es Trenc

Beach loungers on the long white beach at Es Trenc in Mallorca, Spain

Es Trenc is located on the most southerly tip of Mallorca, within a national park, and is around a 45-minute drive from Palma. Book the crew car, and make a day of it when you feel you need to get off the yacht for some vitamin D and fresh air. With almost 2km of crystal clear waters and pure white sands, this beautiful beach is unspoiled by buildings like hotels and restaurants and is one of the island’s last large natural beaches. The clear, shallow waters give the beach a tropical feel, and the surrounding greenery will make you feel like you’re on a deserted island. Because of its beauty, it’s also one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca.

The Delta

Rocky coast and cliffs for adventurous superyacht crew at the Delta in Mallorca Spain

The area known as the Delta is a stretch of rocky coast cliff line around 25 minutes from Palma. Former quarries make up a number of small, picturesque inlets with crystal clear aqua waters lapping at the rocks. It’s an excellent spot for yacht crew that enjoy water sports and want to explore the surroundings paddle boarding and snorkelling along the cliffs. There are plenty of places to access the water from the smooth rocks, or there’s a small but beautiful and rather unfrequented beach in a spectacular cove where you can pitch a parasol and spread out a towel.

It’s just a 25-minute journey if you’re planning on visiting by car and you can park in nearby Maioris and walk. The walk, however, can take up to 45 minutes, depending on the path you take, and you’ll have to walk down steep steps to get to the water. Alternatively, it’s a pretty short tender trip from Palma if you want to make it a crew outing.

Caló del Moro & Cala S’Almunia

The beautiful private beach at Caló del Moro & Cala S

Just a little further up the coast from Es Trenc are the beaches of Calo del Moro and Cala S’Almunia. These beautiful and undeveloped sandy beaches and bright turquoise waters are surrounded by steep cliffs, rocks, and pine trees and make for the perfect selfie spots for those that enjoy documenting their superyacht adventures on socials. It’s also a great place for diving and anchoring small yacht tenders, with the nearest port two nautical miles away at Port Cala Figuera de Santanyí.

Although still relatively unknown to most tourists, the beaches are well known to locals, so it’s worth departing from the yacht first thing in the morning and getting there early to enjoy the beach before it gets busy. Finding Calo Del Moro can be tricky. It’s 1.1 Km from the S’Almunia road and 0.5Km from the sea. There are no signposts, but a very narrow and steep path leads down to the beach.

Cala d’Egos, Port Andratx

Great water sports and yacht crew activities can be enjoyed at Cala d’Egos in Port Andratx in Mallorca Spain

A 45-minute drive from Palma, near Port d‘Andratx, is the stunning Cala d’Egos. If you’re in the mood for an adventure day, this unspoilt beach is perfect for swimming, diving, paddleboarding, sunbathing and anchoring small boats and yacht tenders. The cove is surrounded by a pine forest and, more excitingly, a number of caves just waiting to be explored.

The best way to reach the cove is by water. Alternatively, for the crew that are looking to step off the yacht specifically to stretch their legs & break a sweat, grab your hiking boots for a steep 4-kilometre walk from Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx. There are no facilities at this remote beach, so be sure to pack everything you need for the day and plenty of water.

Sa Calobra

A Superyacht tender visiting the Private Beach and Coves at Sa Calobra Mallorca Spain

Nestled at the end of a towering gorge is the unique remote beach of Sa Calobra, Torrent de Pareis. When you reach the village of Sa Calobran, don’t be fooled by the first beach you come across in front of the restaurant. Follow the path to the right, and you’ll enter a lit tunnel through the giant rocks. You’ll emerge on one of Mallorca’s most beautiful and famous beaches. The coastline here is wild and rugged, and the northwest Tramuntana mountains drop dramatically into the sparkling turquoise waters.

The drive here is an adventure itself. The road features hairpin bends and parts cut straight through the towering rocks of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The road is an extremely popular cycling route, so take care to drive slowly. Alternatively, take one of the many ferries that leave from Port Sóller, which is just a 40-minute drive from Palma.

Cala Pi & Cala Beltrán

Beach loungers on the private beach in Cala Pi & Cala Beltrán Mallorca Spain

Cala Pi is a quiet, small, natural harbour just 40 minutes drive from Palma. The little village remains unspoilt due to its location on the rocky cliffs. Down on the beach, you’ll spot some extremely Instgrammable traditional fisherman’s huts that sit right on top of the stunning aquamarine water.

Cala Beltran can be accessed by the water, by hiking over the rocks of Cala Pi, or by following the footpath by the fishermen’s huts and then down some steep steps carved into the rock. This beach is situated in a deep-set winding cove, and it’s the perfect place for some rock jumping and exploring with scuba equipment or paddleboards so don’t forget to grab the gear before departing from the yacht.

Next time you’re on a yacht visiting Palma and have time to explore the island’s beaches, we hope you check out some of our recommendations. We’d love to see your photo’s from these locations and if you have any other tips of beaches & coves to visit in Mallorca then share with us on socials by tagging @FunAirFun. If you’d like to learn more about FunAir and our catalogue of superyacht inflatables then check out our website, or get in touch.

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