Benefits of a Superyacht Netted Sea Pool

Benefits of a Superyacht Netted Sea Pool 

Here at FunAir, we are passionate about creating superyacht toys that get guests in the water, having fun, and falling in love with the ocean. However, we understand that some guests are nervous about swimming in the open waters when out at anchor. Maybe they’re not strong swimmers; they feel nervous about sea critters lurking in the surrounding waters, or deep water simply puts them out of their comfort zone. Well fear not, we’ve developed and expanded our range of inflatable Sea Pools over the years to suit a ton of different requirements. Here we’ve laid out what makes our sea pools great and how they will improve any superyacht adventure for guests, and the hard working crew onboard.

Our line of superyacht netted Sea Pools are available in a range of sizes, designs, and configurations to suit any yacht. And as always, we can also custom design Sea Pools to your exact specifications. Owners and guests will love the extra layer of fun that our pools create bringing the yacht and the open ocean even closer together. We also promise crew will appreciate all the clever design features that make our Sea Pools the quickest to set up, the easiest to clean, and the fastest to deflate.

Get a Sea Pool For Extra Space

Motor Yacht Nomad Sea Pool and Inflatable Playground from above

FunAir Sea Pools add a touch of luxury and extra peace of mind to any superyacht ocean set-up. Our inflatable Sea Pools are usually set up right off the back of the yacht to allow easy and direct access from the swim platform, providing an exhilarating ocean swimming pool to any size of yacht. Even though most clients prefer the Sea Pool to be set up at the stern, it can also be tethered on either side of the yacht if you need to create more space at the aft for the tender and other water toys to dock and depart more comfortably.

Many of our Pools now have a Beach Club design with stable deck space all around the edge. This also provides additional docking space for powered water toys and boards if needed and can be complimented with a swim platform extension and additional Jet Ski Docking that can seamlessly fit together if your water sports program is off the charts.

We are primarily a custom shop and would love to work with you to custom design a Sea Pool to exclusively suit your yachts requirements. Take the modular Beach Club Sea Pool on Motor Yacht Nomad pictured above. They wanted a teak finish and the pool to split into modular sections. This design allows the crew to deploy, clean and pack the pool section by section making it super easy to operate with minimal crew.

Netted Pools for Comfortable Sea Swimming

Motoryacht Carte Blanche Netted Sea Pool and Wave Loungers

All our superyacht Sea Pools include a netted mesh that provides a barrier and bolsters peace of mind for swimmers who prefer to avoid sea critters. We have multiple net options including a super fine mesh which is extremely popular for yachts based in destinations like Australia’s Gold Coast. Very small box jellyfish are known to hang out there and can make guests nervous to take a dip in the ocean and fully embrace their charter experience.

The nets also ensure swimmers are enclosed in a manageable area which can be really reassuring in the presence of stronger currents. Children and less confident swimmers can enjoy time inside the pool and focus on their swimming instead of worrying about floating too far away from the yacht. The stable, inflatable sides also provide a rest spot when legs start getting tired. We know that being the crew member (or members) responsible for watching owners and guests in the water can be a stressful job, so having the extra security of people swimming within the pool makes this a little easier.

Inflatable Beach Club Sea Pools

Superyacht With Sea Pool and Yacht Slide in The Bahamas

Our iconic Beach Club Sea Pools add a whole new play area to your yacht. Guests can enjoy the extended non-slip material deck area around the pool for sunbathing, hanging out and diving in. We’ve been told that it creates a luxury resort vibe out on the ocean, especially once our Wave Loungers and Chairs are added. As a bonus this stylish and ergonomic inflatable furniture can be packed small and taken to the beach in a single tender ride for beach days when you want to amp up the comfort on the sands.

As with all our pools the netted barrier helps to keep guests inside and sea critters out. Plus, our patented SeaStairs make it easier for guests of all ages and abilities to get in and out of the pool effortlessly and elegantly. Sea Stairs are another of our modular options and can be added to most sea pool design as well as our Floating Islands and Jet Ski Docks

You can tether other water toys, such as standup paddleboards, jet skis and tenders securely to the pool to create a unique yacht toy docking solution and ready-to-use ocean playground. The crew will also be happy to know that this amazing extension to the yacht only takes 20 – 30 minutes to set up and is just as easy to pack down. Our patented RapidFlate system makes it possible for crew to inflate and deflate our Sea Pools six times faster than anything else on the market.

Inflatable Lagoon Pool For a Tight Squeeze

Netted Lagoon Pool for Yachts in Australia

Ultra-compact and lightweight, our Lagoon Pools are the most efficient inflatable yacht pool to set up and pack away, making them the perfect solution for yachts with limited storage and minimal crew. With an average set-up time of just 10 – 15 minutes, the Lagoon Pool is a fast favourite with crew and guests who want to get in the water fast. The pool perimeter is 30 cms of durable inflatable tubing that provides rigid support when in the water, giving swimmers something to hold on to, and then packs up super tight to make room for other yacht toys in the hold. The rope ladder allows for easy entry and exit to the pool for all users.

The Aussie Edition Lagoon Pool features features premium dense mat netting that provides a layer of protection from the smallest of sea critters whilst wicking water so that it can pack tighter than regular netting. A handy locking water release zipper enables faster water evacuation and quick recovery of the inflatable.

Last but not least and like many of our inflatables, we keep a variety of our most popular styles and sizes of Sea Pools as QuickShip inventory so that they are ready for last-minute orders and requests. If you have a request for a pool, slide or any inflatable, its always worth getting in touch as we can ship many items in just a few days.

FunAir Sea Pools were designed so that guests can enjoy all the fun of the ocean with less of the worry. We would love to see your yacht’s Sea Pool set-up. Email us, or tag us with your photos on socials. If you’d like to learn more about our range of Sea Pools get in touch and we can discuss your exact requirements.

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