Rescue SeaStairs

Efficient for Rescue Operations

The Rescue SeaStairs can significantly increase the speed at which large numbers of people can be recovered from the water and brought onboard a lifeboat.

Quick to Deploy

As with all FunAir inflatables, the Rescue SeaStairs can be deployed in minutes. This allows the lifeboat search and rescue crews to arrive fully prepared.

Accessible Design

The Rescue SeaStairs can be used by all ages and abilities. When lowered into the water, individuals can swim up and simply walk onto the lifeboat.

Non Slip for Safety

The surface of the Rescue SeaStairs is covered with non slip material to ensure secure footing and keep people safer when they are entering the lifeboat.

Product Specs

FunAir superyacht inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world-class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.

Material Specs

0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, hot air welded seams, non slip material.



Set-Up Time

Set-up time is around 5 minutes and can be deployed underway.


3-year limited warranty. Full details are available on request.

Download the Rescue SeaStairs Specification Sheet

FunAir – Your Premium Rescue SeaStairs Supplier

If you need custom Rescue SeaStairs, team FunAir is ready!

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