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Choose Your Fun

Whether for your yacht, resort or camp, or for your home, we pride ourselves on innovating new ways to amp up the Fun.


Super Sweet Slide

The Ultimate Water Slide! The FunAir Super Sweet Slide® is an ultra-slick commercial grade 25 foot long by 6 foot wide lawn slide that is connectable so you can connect as many slides as you want - perfect for lawns large and small.




Super Sweet Slide Extreme

The FunAir Super Sweet Slide® Extreme is an ultra-slick commercial grade 50 foot long by 10 foot wide lawn slide perfect for big events at camps, resorts, and homes that want the biggest, widest slide in town.




Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, our sealed air inflatable gaga ball pit sets up fast and is easy to transport. Use to entertain in rain or shine, just pack up the game when done and use your space for other fun.




Inflatable Boat Dock Slide

Call us crazy, but we were looking for a way to make a two story boat dock even more fun. This adrenaline pumping slide is designed for two story boat docks with railing heights between 14’ and 19’ from the water line.




Dock Slide Base Unit

The Dock Slide Base Unit provides additional height for your Inflatable Dock Slide.




FunAir Electric Pump

The FunAir Electric Pump is a powerful pump that makes quick work of inflating and deflating your products. The pump provides 2.7psi of pressure and is available in AC120V US and AC230V Euro standards.




Inflatable SUP

The FunAir Inflatable SUP family offers 3 types of SUP’s: 11 foot Multi Purpose SUP, 14 foot Race SUP, and 18 foot Mega SUP.




Inflatable Water Mat

The FunAir Inflatable Water Mat is a great place to hang out with family and friends on the water. Looks great, packs tight and easily stores on your boat.




FunAir T Shirt

Celebrate a FunLife with us and schwag-up with a black or a white 100% cotton Super Sweet FunAir t-shirt. Shirts comes in M, L, XL.