Resort Water Slip and Slides

FunAir designs and manufactures premium slip and slides, inflatable water mats and SUPs to that are ideal for resorts and camps seeking to entertain families. Using only the best commercial grade materials and manufacturing techniques, our resort water slip and slides are built to last.

Our slip and slide is 25 feet long and is connectable, so resorts can make as long of a slip and slide as space allows. The FunAir slip and slide has inflatable side arms that keep riders on the water slide. A hand pump is included with each order and set up takes only minutes.

FunAir Super Sweet Slide

About the Super Sweet Slide®

One resort customer connected 8 of our commercial grade water slides for a huge 200 feet long slip and slide that was the hit of the property!

Our water slip and slide is:

Connectable: Connect several slip and slides for the ultimate summer fun at resorts, camps, YMCAs, recreation centers and churches.
Portable: Our premium slip and slide is easy to set up, take down and store. Keep this giant water slip and slide stored in a dry place between uses and get years of fun out it.

Durable: Because our resort water slip and slides are made with commercial grade high quality materials and workmanship, they are built to last and bring years of active fun and excitement.

Huge: When the kids see these premium slip and slides connected together at a resort or camp, they’ll be ready to jump on for the ride. The built in water sprayer distributes water on the slip and slide evenly, so kids slide far and fast.

FunAir super sweet slide
FunAir super sweet slide

Fun: Our water slip and slides are made with super slick PVC vinyl and include an integrated water sprayer, so this lawn water slide stays wet and fun. The inflatable side tubes keeps the water and the riders on the slip and slide. Connect a garden hose and let the fun begin!

Set up one or more of these resort water slip and slides and the kids will flock to your property.