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Recreational Inflatable Water Toys

FunAir is the proud provider of premium recreational water toys for summer camps, resorts and other entertainment destinations. We invite you to browse through our extensive selection of sealed air, inflatable toys.

From our inflatable slip n slides for summer camps, to our Gaga Ball pit that provides hours of fun and exercise for children of all ages, FunAir has proven time and time again that their products quickly become the life of the party.

Why summer camps should rely on FunAir for recreational inflatable water toys
FunAir already works with a wide range of organizations that manage summer camps, resorts and similar destinations. We outfit these properties with recreational water slides for summer camps and a variety of other products. We cater to summer camps in a few ways:

  • Entertaining products: Kids go to summer camp to have fun. FunAir provides something that they probably have never seen before. With our recreational water toys for summer camps — water mats, our Extreme Glacier, water trampolines and more — you can provide kids with a unique, fun experience.
  • Safety: Summer camps are responsible for the health and well being of the children in their care. FunAir provides completely safe products that are also durable, so you can utilize them for many years.
  • Stylish: Our inflatable slip n slides for summer camps, and wide range of other fun products, are a reflection of your organization. We can provide products that match your style and branding, helping make your grounds stand out and look nice.


Kids can’t get enough of FunAir products — from our recreational water slides for summer camps to our Super Sweet Slide, which is made for dry land. It’s one thing to try to explain them to you, but it’s something completely different to watch kids enjoy it for themselves.

Shop with FunAir, and see what we have to offer in our collection of recreational water toys for summer camps.


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