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Premium Durable Backyard Water Slides

Welcome to the home of truly epic durable inflatable slip n slides. These aren’t your grandma’s slip n slides — the FunAir Super Sweet Slide is 25 feet long and six feet wide, but you can connect two or more of them together to create the biggest, baddest slip n slide ever.

These premium backyard water slides boast ultra-slick, commercial grade vinyl. That means once you add the water, you’re ready to take a trip down the slide at breakneck speeds. You don’t have to add any soaps or other agents to make it slippery.

These durable backyard slip n slides also feature two inflatable bumpers on both sides. These keep the rider inside the slide for a safe, exhilarating ride.

Premium durable water slides that are quick and easy
We know what you might be thinking — if it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to set up a traditional slip n slide, this thing is going to take me forever. Not true! Our durable inflatable slip n slides can be all set up and ready to go in a matter of 15 minutes.

The inflatable bumpers only take around 30 seconds to fully inflate thanks to our special FunAir Electric Pump. Once you’re done having fun, the whole thing packs up as quickly as you set it up.

Are you ready to be the talk of the neighborhood?
Utilizing these premium backyard water slides helps bring a real life water park to your backyard. Don’t be surprised if it becomes the envy of the neighborhood. The clients that have invested in this fun feature can personally guarantee that it quickly becomes the centerpiece of social gatherings.

Geared toward children around the ages of 6-12, the kiddos get a major kick out of our durable inflatable slip n slides. We invite you to read more about this, and our other products as you shop with FunAir!


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