Premium Backyard Home Water Park

FunAir is providing homeowners with the chance to bring premium backyard water slides to their very own properties. Imagine all the fun your children will have gliding across one of the longest water slides on the market.

FunAir’s Super Sweet Slide® is similar to products like the backyard Banzai water park or the classic slip n slide, but with a little bit of a modern twist. Super Sweet Slide weighs in at 25 feet long and six feet wide. That alone makes it one of the biggest and best backyard inflatable water slides.

But, there is more.

The Super Sweet Slide is connectable, meaning that you can string together as many slides as you want. Some of our clients have created 100-foot slides that provide an experience like no other.

FunAir super sweet slide

About the Super Sweet Slide

The Super Sweet Slide is really a home inflatable water park all of its own. The slide features two inflatable bumpers on each side. Those bumpers fill up with air quickly. The commercial-grade vinyl surface of the slide makes it ultra-slick. All you have to do is add water and start sending kids down it.

These premium backyard water slides come with:

  • Hand pump
  • Yard stakes
  • Pressure gauge
  • Repair kit

It’s not a hassle to set up or tear down, and once it’s ready to rock, you will find that your kids will stay occupied for hours. Unlike the cheaper backyard banzai water park, the Super Sweet Slide is incredibly durable and will provide you with years of use.

Funair Is Serious about Fun

Our premium backyard water slides are just some of the many inflatable water toys that we offer our wide range of clients. Shop through our catalogue and let us know if anything catches your eye. All orders are processed in one day, so you can get to work enjoying your new toys.

FunAir GaGa ball pit

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