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Monaco Yacht Inflatable Watercraft Docks

At FunAir, innovation is something we take great pride in, and it shows in our offering of high quality Monaco yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides, toys and other accessories. We offer an extensive line of inflatable products, ranging from slides and water docks to sea pools, floating trampolines, water mats, floating loungers and more.

These yacht inflatable water toys in Monaco feature innovative construction and are built of the highest quality commercial-grade PVC. Our Monaco yacht inflatable water slides and docks are custom designed by our in-house team of designers and engineers. They are seamlessly implemented to your yacht with precise fit and finish.

Explore FunAir’s innovations
Something that sets us apart from competing companies that offer yacht inflatable watercraft docks in Monaco is that we complement our products with a portfolio of innovative accessories to make them even more effective and convenient. These include:

  • SeaStairs: Get out of the water and on to your Monaco yacht inflatable watercraft docks seamlessly through with our patented SeaStairs, which feature non-slip steps.
  • RapidFlate: FunAir makes it quick to fill up your yacht inflatable water toys in Monaco. The patented RapidFlate technology allows you to fill these products six times faster than traditional pumps.
  • Pressure gauge: Fill your yacht water slides in Monaco to the perfect level with the help of our digital pressure gauge.
These innovations illustrate FunAir’s dedication to providing our clients with new and exciting products to enhance the fun and entertainment of their yachts.


Consult with the FunAir team
Talk to our team about our extensive product line of Monaco yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides and accessories and get started having us custom design a creation that will be unique to your yacht. Our client service staff would be happy to walk you through our catalogue or answer any questions you might have.


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