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Longest Home Slip and Slide

Imagine the fun the kids will have on a 100 feet long slip and slide! FunAir’s 25 feet long, 6 feet wide premium quality slip and slides are connectable, so you can create a 25’, 50’ or 100’ that is the longest backyard water slide for homes ever seen! Our connectable slip and slides are wider, longer and more exciting than traditional slip and slides.

One FunAir customer created a 200 feet long slip and slide by connecting 8 of our commercial grade lawn slides together. This backyard water slide is easy to set up at home or on larger properties like a summer camps, campgrounds, resorts, parks, schools or churches. This extra fun backyard water slide consists of commercial grade ultra-slick vinyl material and in integrated water sprayer, so all you have to do is add water and start sliding.

Best Longest Home Slip and Slide for Sale

The very best inflatable home slip and slide for sale

What makes our slip and slide the best inflatable water slide to buy?

  • Made with commercial-grade, premium quality PVC vinyl
  • Integrated water sprayer that connects to a garden hose for even water distribution
  • Riders stay on the slide with air-filled bumpers that line the length of the water slide
  • Includes a hand pump, repair kit, pressure gauge and ground stakes
  • The slide is connectable so you can adjust the length accordingly – from 25 feet to over 100 feet or longer


This inflatable longest slip and slide offers good old-fashioned fun for kids at home, camp, resort, YMCA or anywhere with room to slide. Kids love sliding down what can be the longest slip and slide. Connect as many backyard water slides as your yard allows! These inflatable water slides take around 15 minutes to set up, and when you’re done with it, easily remove and store it in its compact form.


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