Inflatable Jet Ski Watercraft Dock

Our Jet Ski Watercraft Docks, also known as Personal Watercraft (PWC) Docks, provide a safe place to park your toys near your yacht. These inflatable floating docks protect your guests, yacht, and watercraft. FunAir offers both Simple and Convertible PWC Docks made of drop stitch or PVC material.

Both Simple and Convertible Inflatable Jet Ski Watercraft Docks can be custom designed to fit your yacht’s transom. Our floating Jet Ski Docks accommodate Tender boats, personal watercraft and Sea Bobs. Convertible Jet Ski Docks come with custom inserts that are interchangeable for SeaBobs, Jet Skis, a Lagoon Pool, or a work platform insert for additional space behind your yacht. Each floating Jet Ski Dock includes a FunAir electric pump. Order Lead Time: Contact

Our patent pending RapidFlate, inflates products 6x faster than traditional inflation methods. D-Rings, lifting handles, and reinforced crane straps that ensure lifting and tying off slides is easy and safe are standard for our Jet Ski Docks. Hot air welded double T-strip seams deliver the highest quality seam technology.

Another option available on our Convertible Jet Ski Watercraft Docks is our patented SeaStairs, which make getting in and out of the water easy. Simply stand up and walk out of the water onto the inflatable personal watercraft dock.

FunAir simple personal watercraft dock with seastairs

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