Inflatable Boat 2 Story Dock Slides

FunAir created the most innovative boat dock slide available anywhere. Our premium quality inflatable boat dock slide fits on most two story boat docks and provides an adrenaline rushing 14 -19 feet ride into the water. In stock, our inflatable boat dock slides are for sale and ready to ship today.  These slides are an outrageously fun addition to any lakefront home, cottage, camp or resort with a standard two story sized boat dock that has a height range of 14 to 19 feet from 2nd story railing to water. FunAir makes waterfront homes even more fun with our inflatable boat dock slides, giant slip and slides, inflatable SUPs and packable water mats.

FunAir inflatable-boat-dock-slide

Trick out a Two-story Boat Dock with an Adrenaline-inducing Inflatable Slide!

The inflatable two story dock slides are designed for docks that feature railing heights from 14 feet to 19 feet from the waterline. These slides are highly durable and adjustable. FunAir includes an inflatable dock slide base unit with each order so customers can adjust their commercial grade inflatable slide to fit their specific dock height.

Our inflatable SUPs, water mats and dock slides for sale are outrageously fun and built to last. FunAir builds all of our water slides and lake toys with the highest quality workmanship and materials so you and your guests can enjoy active outdoor fun in the sun.

Be the Home Where Everyone Wants to Hang Out

Inflate the incredibly fun dock slide and watch the kids line up to hang out at your house. Our inflatable dock water slide delivers shrieks of delight for kids of all ages. For extra fun, buy our inflatable Mega SUP and entertain up to 8 paddlers at one time. For even more fun, set up one or two (or more) our of huge slip and slides! Since our giant slip and slides are connectable, you can make your backyard water slide as long as your space allows. Kids also love to play on our packable water mats. These swim mats are more durable and easy to store than traditional foam water mats.

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