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High Quality Gaga Ball Pit for Sale

The game of Gaga Ball is a fun, fast-paced and easy-to-learn game for children of all ages and athletic levels. The FunAir team set out to create a portable Gaga Pit so that camps, churches, schools, resort and YMCAs can offer Gaga Ball in a variety of locations. Our high quality inflatable Gaga Ball Pit is a sealed air inflatable game that is made to last with commercial grade vinyl and require no noisy fans or hazardous extension cords.

Designed for indoor use, our durable Gaga Ball Pit is portable and can also be used outdoors on soft grass or astro turf as well. Indoor Gaga Ball is a perfect rainy day solution to keep kids active and entertained.

Originally known as Israeli Dodge Ball, the game of Gaga Ball has become extremely popular with many organizations across the US and beyond.

    • Churches: Youth groups are always in search of fun, safe games to play. We offer an inflatable Gaga pit for churches that is perfect for indoor use and can even be used after play for place to have small group teaching time. Our Gaga Ball Pit is portable, so you can bring it wherever there is room. Even kids who don’t think of themselves as athletic love it.

  • Schools: Our high quality Gaga Ball Pit for schools is fun and safe for children who are playing this fun game. This inflatable Gaga Pit is ideal for keeping kids active with gym games and rainy day recess. Our sealed air inflatable Gaga Ball court provides hours of active entertainment.

      • YMCAs, Parks, Community Centers: YMCAs, City parks and recreation departments, community centers and synagogues have purchased our portable Gaga Ball Pit and said kids love it. We’ve earned rave reviews from camps and organizations across the US. Just one initial investment provides tons of Gaga Ball fun for everyone that wants to participate.

    • Resorts: Our portable Gaga Ball Pit is a great activity in a conference room on a rainy day for Camp Fun Kids programs.

Our high quality portable indoor Gaga Pit is easy to set up, take down and store. It inflates in less than eight minutes, not to mention that it looks sleek and cool. In fact, most people comment that FunAir’s inflatable Gaga Ball pit is one of the best looking Gaga courts they’ve ever seen.

Get a portable inflatable Gaga pit for churches, schools and more
This product is great for wherever people are gathered. Our inflatable Gaga pit is durable and made to last. Since it’s a portable Gaga Ball pit, you can set it up anywhere you have room and access to electricity. Unlike constant air gaga pits, this portable Gaga Ball court requires no electricity once its inflated or cords that can be a tripping hazard.

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