High Quality Connectable Water Slides

If you are looking for a high quality backyard slippery slide, you can’t go wrong with FunAir’s Super Sweet Slide®. This product lives up to its namesake — kids around the ages of 6-12 will be lining up to take an exhilarating trip down this monstrous slide.
FunAir super sweet slide

About Our Connectable Lawn Slippery Slide

The Super Sweet Slide consists of high quality connectable water slides that join together to create a slide that is as long as you want it to be. Each slide is 25 feet long. You’re not going to find a slip and slide for your backyard that is bigger than this. It’s not just big either — this high quality lawn slippery slide consists of:
  • A heavy duty, high-gloss vinyl surface. This makes the slide very slippery and you won’t have to add soap or other agents that might irritate your skin or hurt your eyes. Simply add water and get ready to race down the slide.
  • Inflated bumpers. Our high quality backyard slippery slide is safe — flanking the rider with two inflatable bumpers that keep you from whizzing off. These bumpers are quick and easy to inflate, and when it comes time to tear down the slide, it conveniently folds up into a compact form.

If you are an adult now and think back to your childhood, few things were more fun and refreshing that taking a trip down a slip and slide. FunAir wanted to take this experience and amp it up by 100! Our connectable lawn slippery slide is a pure adrenaline rush, all while keeping children safe on it.

Transform Your Backyard into a Child Daredevil’s Paradise

FunAir’s Super Sweet Slide is a great addition to any home, cottage or area with a lot of space. It’s the high quality backyard slippery slide that everyone is talking about. Check it out and place your order for one.

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