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Gaga Ball Pit Camp Resort School Indoor Portable Gaga Pit

Resorts, camps and schools love our Gaga Ball Pit for many reasons. Our Gaga Pit is portable, inflatable and durable. The FunAir team designed and created a portable inflatable Gaga Pit for resorts, schools, camps, churches and YMCAs to offer the game of Gaga Ball in a wide variety of areas. Made with the highest quality commercial grade materials, our sealed air inflatable Gaga Ball Pit is made to last.

Geared for indoor use, our inflatable Gaga Ball Pit is portable and can also be used outdoors on soft grass or astro turf as well. Sealed air inflatable means there are no cords after the gaga pit is inflated. Indoor Gaga Ball is a perfect rainy day solution to keep kids active and entertained.


Originally called “Israeli Dodge Ball”, we’ve created a Gaga Pit that is inflatable and portable, so it’s ideal for organizations who want to keep kids active and entertained:

    • Churches: The FunAir Gaga Ball Pit is portable, inflatable, durable built to last.

    • Schools: Our sealed air inflatable Gaga Ball court provides hours of active entertainment for kids at schools too. Our high quality Gaga Ball Pit can be used indoors and out. This inflatable Gaga Pit is ideal for keeping kids active with gym games and rainy day recess.

    • Camps, Resorts YMCAs, Parks, Community Centers: Camps, resorts, schools, YMCAs, City parks and recreation departments, synagogues, churches and community centers and have purchased our portable inflatable Gaga Ball Pits and kids love it. We’ve earned rave reviews from camps, resorts and schools across the US who say this portable Gaga Ball Pit is one of their favorite items.

  • Rainy day problem solved! Our portable Gaga Pit is a great activity for Camp Fun Kids programs at resorts because it can be set up in a conference room when the weather turns bad. Summer camps and schools also love this portable and inflatable Gaga Ball Pit.





Our premium quality Gaga Pit is easy to set up, take down and store. This portable Gaga Ball Pit inflates in less than eight minutes, so kids can start playing the game of Gaga quickly. Our gaga ball court also looks great! People often comment that the FunAir inflatable Gaga Ball pit is one of the best looking Gaga courts they’ve ever seen.

Our inflatable Gaga pit is made with high quality vinyl and is built to last. Since it’s portable, our Gaga Ball pit can be set up anywhere there’s room and access to electricity. Some customers set our Gaga Pit up in their 2 car garages. Unlike constant air gaga pits, this portable Gaga Ball court requires no electricity once it’s inflated.



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