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Welcome to the leader in Fort Lauderdale yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides and more. We are FunAir, and we put our knowledge, experience and innovation to work for some of the leading mega yacht manufacturers around the world to outfit these elegant vessels with fun and functional solutions.

Our collection of yacht inflatable water toys in Florida can be uniquely tailored to meet the design and style needs of each boat. In fact, FunAir utilizes an in-house design team to make sure each product blends seamlessly with the yacht.

FunAir inflatable slide and climbing wall on superyacht

Explore Our Yacht Inflatable Water Toys in Florida

FunAir has a whole catalog of fun and innovative products. These are sealed air inflatable products constructed out of the finest materials via cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Some of our marquee items include:

Yacht inflatable watercraft docks in Florida: FunAir can design an inflatable dock for your yacht to accommodate a wide range of personal watercraft. You only have to inflate these Fort Lauderdale yacht inflatable watercraft docks once and it will last all season.

Yacht water slides in Florida: Our Fort Lauderdale yacht inflatable water slides are a thrilling addition to a boat. These towering structures are custom designed for the perfect fit and finish on your yacht. We have proprietary technology that allows you to inflate the slides quickly, as well.

Wide range of yacht toys: From sea lagoons, water mats and floating trampolines to our crazy comfortable floating loungers — we specialize in making toys for your toy!

Speak with a client service representative, who can help you browse through our selection of products and educate you further one how we go the extra mile to offer high quality, innovative Fort Lauderdale yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides, climbing walls and more.

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