Durable Inflatable Water Slides

The FunAir team takes outdoor active family fun very seriously. We design and create the worlds’ most durable inflatable water slides so families can enjoy active outdoor fun for years to come. Our commercial grade slip and slides are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship so customers can count on years of fun from our extra long slip and slides.

One of the most unique features of our slip and slides is that they are connectable, so families can create a super long water slide that delivers hours of fun in the sun. One customer connected 4 of our connectable water slides for a 200 feet long slip and slide! This lawn slide length is only limited by the space customers have available for setting up a yard slip and slide.

FunAir super sweet slide

Whether you are looking for durable water slides for sale, or fun and unique attractions for a commercial facility, FunAir has you covered.

At Home:

Our durable inflatable Gaga pit is a favorite for homeowners and provides hours of active entertainment for kids of all ages. We also offer the commercial grade and connectable Super Sweet Slide, which is basically a slip and slide on steroids. With inflatable bumpers and length up 25, the Super Sweet is connectable so you can create the longest slip and slide your property allow. It is one of our most popular and durable inflatable water slides for sale.

Durable Inflatable Water Slides for Home

Connect multiple FunAir slip and slides for a giant backyard water slide and watch your home become the place where all the kids want to hang out. Made with premium quality and super slick PVC vinyl, our slip and slide is designed to be one of the most durable inflatable water slides on for homes on the market. The inflatable side bumpers keep riders on the slide and are quick to inflate and deflated. This backyard slip and slide sets up quickly and stores easily.

FunAir super-sweet-slide
FunAir GaGa ball pit

No Soap Required

Because our giant slip and slide is so slick and includes an integrated water sprayer, no soap is required to make this water slide super fun. Just connect a garden hose to the water sprayer, turn on the water and let the kids start slipping and sliding. Our highly durable inflatable water slides for homes are great for families, camps, resorts, YMCAs, churches, schools, parks and any destination that wants to keep kids active and happy for hours.

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