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Welcome to FunAir, where we specialize in custom yacht water slides and a variety of inflatable water mats, SUPs and climbing walls for yachts. We are experts in making toys for your toys — outfitting all types of yachts, from 100 foot long Azimuts to the largest super yachts in the world. FunAir has over 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing with some of the most unique, highest-quality, most entertaining inflatable yacht toys on the ocean.

Our inflatable water toys for yachts include:

FunAir inflatable slide and climbing wall on superyacht
  • Slides: We take the design and installation seriously when it comes to water slides for yachts. We have an expert engineering staff that implements cutting-edge technology to engineer, create and seamlessly install one of our many types of slides on your unique yacht.
  • Climbing walls: You can scale the sides of your yacht with our custom yacht climbing walls. This is a challenging and exhilarating addition that entertains the guests on your yacht. FunAir has custom-created and installed more climbing walls on yachts than any other company in the world. We also offer the Climb & Slide, which combines inflatable yacht climbing walls with a slide.
  • Playgrounds and trampolines: Make the water your amusement park with these inflatable water toys for yachts. Our Water Bouncer lets you jump on a trampoline out in the middle of the water while the inflatable playground provides a floating activity center for the younger demographic.
  • Sea Pools: Netted and floating sea pools so yacht owners and their guests can enjoy swimming in the ocean without concern of jellyfish bothering them.
  • Inflatable water mats and SUP boards: Water mats and SUP boards are a must have for yachts these days. Kids and adults enjoy the active fun on the water with these yacht toys.


All of our custom yacht water slides and toys are created with the industry leading manufacturing methods while utilizing the highest quality materials. These are durable toys that will last the test of time — meaning you will be getting outstanding value for your money.

Fun and adventure await!
FunAir works with some of the leading yacht manufacturers and are skilled at outfitting our clients with water toys and products in a very precise manner. Consult with our team to discover our full line of custom yacht water slides, climbing walls, water mats and SUP boards, and see how you can bring fun and adventure to your yacht. Our customer service staff is standing by if you require assistance.

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