Custom and In Stock Inflatable Yacht Slides

The FunAir design team has created yacht slides for some of the most well-known super yachts in the world. We create custom and in stock inflatable yacht slides for yachts of any size.

FunAir Rapid Flate

Patented innovations, such as RapidFlate, inflate products 6x faster than traditional inflation methods. Purposely designed D-Ring locations, lifting handles, and reinforced crane straps ensure lifting and tying off slides are easy and safe. Hot air welded double T-strip seams deliver the highest quality seam technology. All slides include an integrated water distribution system. Our custom slide design options include Stern, Riser, Hanger, Curved and Self Lifting. Each Yacht Slide includes a RapidFlate blower (when appropriate) and a FunAir electric pump.

Ideal for Azimut, Princess, SunSeeker and Horizon yachts with railing to water line height ranges between 13 and 19 feet, our Adjustable Yacht Slide is in stock and available for quick shipment. Each Adjustable Yacht Slide comes with an inflatable base unit so you can customize the height of your inflatable yacht slide to fit your yachting and water conditions.

We custom design inflatable yacht slides for owners all over the world and have become known for our innovation and premium quality. FunAir holds several patents pending for products and features, including RapidFlate and SeaStairs. Email us at or call us at 1.800.928.4042 to learn more about custom and in stock inflatable yacht slides availability and pricing! With over 20 years of experience, our team has the attention to detail that captains and owners expect. Innovation, Quality, Fit and Finish are the foundational pillars of FunAir. FunAir builds an extensive and premium quality range of inflatables that can be tailor made to match your yacht’s color scheme and logo. From yacht slides to climbing walls, to inflatable SUPs to Jet Ski Docks, we make toys for your toys®.
FunAir inflatable dock slide
FunAir Yacht Slide

FunAir’s custom inflatable yacht slides are made with heavy-duty construction and commercial grade PVC vinyl and are constructed with hot air welded seams. So your FunAir yacht slide can is built to last and stand the test of time. Our inflatable yacht toys deliver years of fun for you, your family, friends and yacht guests.

Whether you own an Azimut, Princess, SunSeeker, Horizon or Galati yacht of 100 feet long or less, the Adjustable Yacht Slide may be the perfect inflatable yacht slide for you. Buy now and receive your yacht slide in a few days!

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