Connectable Lawn Water Slides

Are you ready to have fun on the longest backyard water slide available? FunAir wants to introduce you to the Super Sweet Slide®.

Our backyard water slide is 25 feet long and 6 feet wide and is connectable, so families can connect several slides and create one giant slip and slide for hours of fun. One FunAir customer connected 8 Super Sweet Slides to create a 200 feet lawn water slide! That’s better than any homemade slip and slide we’ve ever seen!

FunAir super sweet slide

The FunAir Super Sweet Slide is so slippery that you just add water. There’s no need for soaps that burn your eyes and kill your grass. It also has inflatable bumpers to help keep riders safely on this backyard water slide for kids to enjoy all summer long. The Super Sweet Slide is built with premium welded seams and commercial grade vinyl to ensure it’s around to create memories and fun for years.


Our Super Sweet Slides easily connect in seconds with our patent pending connection sleeve – allowing you and your friends to connect as many of our slip and slides together as you desire to create the ultimate backyard water slide for kids! This is no DIY slip and slide!

Inflatable Side Bumpers with Water Sprayer

Inflatable side bumpers help keep riders safely on this backyard water slide, off of the ground stakes, and keeps water on the slide. No hand watering required. The Super Sweet Slide includes a built-in water sprayer to keep the slide surface super slick and super fun. Simply connect a standard garden hose, turn on the water, and let the fun begin!

FunAir super sweet slide

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