Commercial Grade Inflatable Water Slides

Traditional slip n slides can be fun — but the commercial grade slip n slides you will find here at FunAir are on a whole new level. FunAir is the proud provider of the Super Sweet Slide®  — a 25-foot-long, 6-feet-wide, ultra-slick slide that is perfect for everywhere from the backyard to a resort or campground. One of the best parts of our commercial grade water slides is that they are completely connectable. Connect two 25-foot slides together and create a slide so long, you won’t find it anywhere else.
FunAir super sweet slide

Not Your Grandma’s Slip N Slide

The slip n slide is a classic backyard activity. That’s why we offer commercial slip n slides for summer camps, resorts and homes that take this time-honored concept and we put our own adventurous twist on it.

The team at FunAir likes to go big — and fast! That’s why our commercial grade slip n slides are:

Huge: You’re not going to find a bigger inflatable water slides for summer camps anywhere else. We’re the biggest and the baddest.

Fast: With an ultra-slippery vinyl surface, all you have to do is add water and get ready to roar down the slide.

Durable: These commercial slip n slides for summer camps, resorts and homes can take a beating. They are created from the highest quality materials and come with a repair kit if minor repairs are necessary.

Convenient: The Super Sweet Slide is quick and easy to set up, inflate and tear down when you are done. When the Super Sweet Slide is around, kids will flock to it — that’s our guarantee.

Shop for the only commercial grade slip n slides that will transform the way your family and guests have fun under the sun. Shop with FunAir! Our customer service team is standing by to help you any way we can.

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