Commercial Grade Backyard Inflatable Slides

Experience for yourself the excitement and exhilaration that comes with whizzing down the commercial inflatable slip n slides by FunAir. We specialize in a variety of inflatable toys — from our version of the classic slip n slide to slides and climbing walls that are designed for top class yachts. Our version of modern backyard inflatable slip n slides comes in the form of our Super Sweet Slide® — a 25-foot-long, ultra-slippery slide that features two inflatable bumpers to keep riders on track.
FunAir super sweet slide

These commercial grade backyard water slides are connectable. Many clients use this connectivity to create a monstrous 50-foot slip n slide (or longer), unlike anything else you get in the store. Our inflatable water slip n slides are a hot seller, purchased by clients and used at:

  • Homes
  • Cottages
  • Campgrounds
  • Resorts
  • And more

The Super Sweet Slide is easy to assemble and tear down. Thanks to our customized air pump, you are able to inflate both bumpers in under a minute. Our commercial inflatable slip n slides also feature high-quality, commercial vinyl. This is an ultra-slick surface, so you don’t have to coat the slide in soap or other substances just to get the speed you’re looking for.

These backyard inflatable slip n slides last the test of time — constructed of some of the most durable materials available and put together using the most cutting-edge manufacturing methods.

Bring Speed and Excitement to Your Backyard

The only way to truly appreciate the Super Sweet Slide is watch the kiddos enjoy it for themselves. These commercial inflatable slip n slides are ready to ship — all you have to do is place your order. If you have any questions, consult with a member of our customer service team. We would be happy to talk to you more about this product, and the many other products we have in our catalogue.

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