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Caribbean Yacht Inflatable Watercraft Docks

Invest in custom designed and installed Singapore yacht inflatable watercraft docks, climbing walls, water slides and FunAir is a leader in Caribbean yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides, climbing walls and other water toys for a reason. If you own or manage a mega yacht and want to enhance the experience for your guests, then consult with our team to browse through our collection of innovative products.


We create yacht inflatable water toys in the Caribbean that are durable, fun and safe. Working with FunAir for these yacht inflatable watercraft docks in the Caribbean means you are teaming up with a company that has a reputation for:

Quality: From the materials we use to our innovative manufacturing methods, FunAir stands behind our yacht water slides in Caribbean and wide range of other products.

Customization: This is where other producers of Caribbean yacht inflatable water slides fall short. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product for a yacht, because they are all different. We account for these unique needs with our in-house design team and digital CAD software to create Caribbean yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides and climbing walls that are fit and finished perfectly with your vessel.


Innovation: FunAir wants to create yacht inflatable water toys in the Caribbean that no one else has seen before. We already hold a variety of patents for our innovations and we continue to file more as we discover new ways to create high-quality, entertaining accessories for yachts.

Some of the world’s finest yachts need accessories to match. This is why FunAir works so hard to create the highest quality inflatable toys and accessories available on today’s market.

Consult with the team at FunAir and learn about our capabilities of designing and implementing Caribbean yacht inflatable watercraft docks, slides, climbing walls and other toys. Put our knowledge and experience to work — we are ready to get started on your creation.


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