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If you’re looking for the best inflatable personal watercraft dock (PWC), FunAir has you covered with our high-quality, innovative personal watercraft docks. These inflatable Jet Ski docks protect your guests, watercraft and yacht, while providing a safe place to park and store your water toys.

FunAir offers two styles of personal watercraft docks. Both the Simple and the Convertible are inflatable and made with premium quality drop stitch or PVC material. Both styles of JetSki docks are customizable to specifically fit the transom for each yacht and can accommodate Jet Skis, Tender boats and SeaBobs.

Custom inserts are available for the Convertible Personal Watercraft Dock, so yacht owners can choose how best to use this ingenious additional space. Choices include a Lagoon Pool, Jet Ski and SeaBob docking, work platform or lounging area.

Inflatable personal watercraft docks are also ideal for lake front homes, resorts, camps, and campgrounds to keep the water toys organized and protected, as well as provide more space for relaxing.

This inflatable personal watercraft dock for sale provides you with a safe and secure place to dock your Jet Ski along the shore or behind your yacht. You and your guests can feel free to hit the open water and when you’re ready for a break, have an inflatable Jet Ski dock to store your personal watercraft. An option customers can choose is our patent pending Sea Stairs, which makes getting out of the water much easier.

About Our Inflatable Jet Ski Dock for Sale

FunAir offers one of if not the best floating jet ski dock on the market.

We invite you to explore the innovative features of our personal watercraft docks:

  • Designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship: Useful, durable and premium quality for years of fun and use
  • Interchangeable inserts: Your floating Personal Watercraft Dock can quickly convert to accommodate jet skis, sea bobs or you can make it into your own private lagoon pool. These transitions are quick and seamless.
  • Sea stairs (optional): This patent pending feature makes it easy to get in and out of the water. That’s what makes this the best inflatable watercraft dock — you don’t have to struggle to pull yourself out of the water anymore.

These Personal Watercraft Docks are relatively easy to assemble and disassemble. They are created from only the finest materials and boast industry leading design, which

Fun Air Person Watercraft Dock

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