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Welcome to FunAir, where we specialize in inflatable yacht slides. Made with premium quality and commercial grade, our Adjustable Yacht Slides fit on Horizon, Galati and Azimut yachts, among others. These inflatable and durable slides bring adrenaline pumping fun and entertainment to yachts ranging up to 100’ in length. And, they are in stock and available for quick shipment now! Get your inflatable yacht slide in days, not weeks or months.

These adjustable yacht slides are made with heavy-duty construction and commercial grade PVC vinyl and are held together by hot air welded seams. That’s just a fancy way of saying that these slides can take a beating and will stand the test of time — capable of delivering years of fun for you, your family, friends and yacht guests. Whether you own a Horizon, Galati or Azimut yacht of 100 feet long or less, the Adjustable Yacht Slide may be the perfect inflatable slide for you. Buy now and receive your yacht slide in a few days!

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Adjustable Inflatable Yacht Slides for Sale and Ready for Quick Shipment

Our premium quality, adjustable and inflatable yacht slides are designed for yachts up to 100 feet in length, with railing heights between 14 and 19 feet above the waterline. Add a and inflatable yacht slide base unit and these in-stock yacht slides are easily adjusted so that they will fit your specific rail height for your Azimut, Galati, Horizon or other sub 100’ yacht.

FunAir also offers custom Climbing Walls, Jet Ski docks, Sea Pools and Loungers that can be tailored to your yacht and even built with your custom yacht logo and colors.

If you ever have any questions about your inflatable yacht slide, custom yacht climbing wall, floating lounger, sea pool or other yacht toys, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for help. We are here to help you have the most fun on your yacht possible.

We Also Have Backyard and Lawn Water Slides for Sale!

FunAir also carries high-quality, customized backyard water slides that are 25’ long and connectable. Some of our customers have created lawn slip and slides with our Super Sweet Slides that are 300 feet long! This is a huge waters slide that keeps a lot of kids thrilled for hours. Shop FunAir resort products now.

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Bring summer time fun to the next level with our team at FunAir. Shop throughout our product line to discover our industry-leading customized inflatable dock slides, yacht slides and many other products. If you have questions about a product, our team would be more than happy to provide you with answers.

FunAir Glacier Extreme

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