Onshore Fun for Superyacht Crew

Onshore Fun for Superyacht Crew

Since 2014, FunAir has been launching new and exciting yacht toys in a bid to ensure the fun never stops on board. As a way of saying thank you to all the amazing superyacht crew who make the fun we provide happen every single day, we thought we would start sharing some places, experiences and ideas to help crew enjoy their time away from the yacht, and make sure their fun continues onshore.

Each of our superyacht inflatable products are designed with the best possible user experience in mind. We aim to create exhilarating experiences that bring people together to enjoy the splendor of the ocean, creating lasting memories and plenty of photo opportunities to look back on in years to come.

For us, the experience is everything. We want nothing short of incredible experiences for guests, owners, and crew when using our range of inflatable water toys or spending time in some of the amazing yachting locations we get to visit. Whether it be zooming down our Yacht Slides, tackling the inflatable Climbing Wall or grabbing some coffee and culture with friends in Fort Lauderdale, we aim for maximum fun and making it easy for crew.

What’s New with FunAir?

With last year’s revamp of our website, we’ve added tons of new information and images about our products and services to make it even easier to choose the next addition to your ocean playground. We also launched our brand new Ambassador and FunYachts programs in a bid to bring the yachting community together and showcase the unique lifestyle that the superyacht industry provides.

Along with our shiny new website and programs, we want to continue to connect and engage with more superyacht crew which is why we are going to post a series of interesting and informative lifestyle articles right here on the FunAir blog. 

What Can You Expect In Our Yacht Crew Lifestyle Blogs?

We understand that free time is invaluable to yacht crew and making the most of it is vital. Time ashore can feel like a little slice of paradise after a busy charter or boss trip, and sometimes knowing what to do or where to spend that time can feel a little overwhelming. For some crew members, their time ashore may be in totally foreign cities or countries, having never set foot in that part of the world before.

It is in this way that FunAir plans to help. Thanks to our vast and growing network, we know some of the best places to eat, drink, shop, and visit close to the major ports around the world. We’ll be posting recommendations and ideas so that yachties can make the most of their time ashore by sampling local delights, visiting the must-see sights, and creating long-lasting memories as they explore the world.

We also hope to provide a few tips, tricks, and inspiration for your guest on experiences, leaving the crew with a little extra time on their hands to breathe and de-stress. We all know that a happy and relaxed team delivers a better guest atmosphere.

How Can You Get Involved?

We always love to hear from yacht crew. Whether it be trip videos featuring our water toys, photos of the team, guests enjoying our inflatables, or feedback on our products, we love to see it.

We are also recruiting new FunAir Ambassadors at the moment so if you would like to be even closer to the fun, are happy to share some of your fun moments with us, would like to experience all the benefits of being part of the FunAir family and love living and working on the ocean, take a read of our Ambassadors web pages and get in touch if you are interested.

Our first yachtie lifestyle blog post on the best coffee spots for superyacht crew in Fort Lauderdale is already published so please take a read if you are there, or heading that way anytime soon, and we’d love to see you enjoying our recommendations and maximizing your fun ashore. Tag @FunAirFun on socials, comment about your experiences and take plenty of photos to share with the entire yachting community.

Do you have tips to share? Let us know your favourite places to visit when on dry land, and we will be sure to add them to the list. At FunAir we’re all about fun, both on and off-board. Get involved and join the party.

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