Biodegradable Golf Balls

Biodegradable Golf Balls is a Canadian company that manufacturers eco-friendly biodegradable golf balls that dissolve in water, perfect for charter superyachts, events, parties, cruise ships, resorts, and waterfront properties. The golf balls are crafted primarly from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), made with non-toxic materials that break down within 2 – 4 weeks, significantly reducing plastic pollution in oceans and waterways.

Committed to environmental responsibility, the company provide an in-house printing service, allowing superyachts to personalise their golf balls with yacht logos or sayings, ensuring fast turn-around times and high-quality prints.

Charter yachts can enjoy guilt-free golfing with Biodegradable Golf Balls and contribute to preserving the planet.


Water Soluble Golf Balls

The water-soluble golf balls dissolve within two weeks, solving the problem of golf ball waste. Made from eco-friendly materials, they break down naturally in the ocean, ensuring no harmful residues are left behind, making them perfect for environmentally conscious charter guests.


Eco Friendly Golf Balls

Every year, coastal Californian resorts lose around 100,000 golf balls, contributing to significant microplastic pollution. These eco-friendly golf balls offer a sustainable alternative, helping reduce the environmental impact of lost golf balls and promoting responsible golfing.


Non Toxic

Unlike traditional golf balls coated with harmful chemicals like Zinc Oxide and Benzoyl Peroxide, Biodegradable Golf Balls are non-toxic. Normal coatings can damage marine life and contaminate water supplies, but these balls are safe for the environment.


Dissolving Golf Balls

Ideal for driving practice off the deck of superyachts, the dissolving golf balls cater to environmentally conscious golfers. They allow charter guests to enjoy their game without worrying about contributing to plastic pollution, making them a perfect choice for sustainable golfing.

Why Choose Biodegradable Golf Balls for Your Yacht Toy Box


Water-Soluble Convenience

The balls dissolve in the ocean within two weeks, making them ideal for superyachts. Charter guests can enjoy golfing without worrying about environmental impact or cleaning up lost balls.


Eco-Friendly Luxury

Superyacht can offer an eco-friendly golfing experience. The biodegradable golf balls reduce ocean pollution, aligning with the high environmental standards expected by discerning charter guests.


Non-Toxic Safety

Made from non-toxic materials, Biodegradable Golf Balls ensure the safety of marine life in our precious oceans. Yacht owners and Captains can confidently provide a safe and enjoyable golfing activity for their superyacht charter guests.


Sustainable Charm

Biodegradable Golf Balls add a touch of sustainable charm to superyacht charters. Yacht Guests and crew can indulge in guilt-free golfing, enhancing their overall experience while preserving the pristine marine environment.

Product Specs

Biodegradable Golf Balls are designed for eco-friendly golfing on charter yachts, ensuring high performance and environmental safety.

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Material Specs

Made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Glycerin, and Corn Startch, these balls are non-toxic and water-soluble.

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Each golf ball adheres to standard size and weight regulations for optimal playability.

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Set-Up Time

Ready to use straight out of the package, no special setup required.


We offer a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring top quality and performance for every purchase.

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