Tee Up for More Charter Fun With Yacht Golf

Tee Up for More Charter Fun With FunAir Yacht Golf

If you’re an aspiring Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, an avid watcher of the Open Championship or just love to putter around the green, the FunAir Yacht Golf green is the yacht toy you have been waiting for. Get competitive, improve your swing and (most importantly) have fun.

FunAir Yacht Golf is a floating golf green that includes a quick dry net to catch the EcoBioBalls that are made from 100% fish food, and a full-size flag and pole. Choose any custom design that could replicate the shape of your favourite golf greens from around the world and tether them at different distances from your superyacht creating an ocean-going version of your favourite golf course, all you need to bring is your best game.

Christmas Gift For Superyacht Golfers

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With the festive season on the horizon, the FunAir Yacht Golf green is an exceptional gift for golf enthusiasts. Be it for the yacht owner, the captain and crew, or your charter guests, we often get asked to ship a floating golf green or three, and a set of biodegradable golf balls out for holiday gifts from an owner’s family members, or charter brokers treating their clients.

Completely Customisable

As with many of FunAir’s best-selling products, Yacht Golf can be completely customised. The floating greens and EcoBioBalls can be designed in the colour and branding of your choice. From the shape of your private yacht to the outline of your favourite golf course, FunAir will work with you to create a completely bespoke product that will perfectly complement your existing toys and equipment on board.

Easy to Play, Easy to Store

A FunAir Yacht Golf Floating Green in the water

Yacht Golf is one of the most popular toys to have on board as it’s incredibly simple to set up and even easier to store. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare the Golf Green and by using the stainless-steel D rings, you can tether or anchor your green to the place that suits you best. Whether that is close to the stern so kids and beginners can play, or further away to really separate the professionals from the amateurs, FunAir Yacht Golf caters to every level. The innovative design of the Golf Green means it can be used on board for a luxurious golfing experience on the ocean, or form part of a beach set up for those wishing to be entertained while shoreside.

Celebrity Endorsed Yacht Toy with Five-Star Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Yacht Golf is a hugely popular toy that really makes your water toy closet stand out from the rest. Celebrities such as Connor McGregor have shared on Instagram to rave about how much fun it is to golf while on board. Sport-fanatics will love the opportunity to play against fellow guests. Why not organize a mini Superyacht Masters and get the competitive spirits up?

Eco-Friendly Golf Balls

FunAir branded EcoBio golf balls

Unlike other golf balls available, the Albus Golf Eco Bio Balls are a truly eco-friendly option. Each ball is biodegradable and made of 100% fish food, so it completely dissolves in the water and does not disrupt the ecosystem. These innovative golf balls mean that you can improve your swing and play with complete peace of mind. A win-win.

Get Your Yacht Golf Set Fast

Want your Yacht Golf set fast? Our Quickship service means that our standard Yacht Golf design can be easily purchased and speedily delivered to your yacht in no time. Be it a last-minute request on a Christmas charter or a bonus present for the owner’s New Year’s Eve trip, we can ship out a Yacht Golf within just a few days – wherever you are in the world.

No Superyacht Required

Couple playing FunAir Yacht Golf on a Caribbean beach
Image: Motor Yacht Loon

Yacht Golf can also be enjoyed from the sand on beach days, from a lakeside, or anywhere with a dock – with this game, the 9th hole comes to you. Owners can continue the fun at home or the crew can practice their swing while on rotation. The FunAir Golf fun doesn’t stop when you’re away from the yacht.

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