The Enata Foiler flying yacht used by superyacht crew during a yacht charter

Superyacht Toys We’ve Fallen Head Over Heels for this Valentine’s Day

With February 14th drawing closer on the calendar, it’s time to start planning that special Valentine’s day gift. We’re not talking about flowers and chocolates. We’re talking about that special lady who’ll be expecting a somewhat grander gesture. We’re talking, of course, about the superyacht in your life.

What better way to show her some love than by expanding her yacht toy box? Here at FunAir, we’re always looking for new ways to ramp up the fun. Whether that’s launching new innovative FunAir inflatables, or sharing exciting new yacht toys from other superyacht toy suppliers. Sharing is caring right? And as some of our products like inflatable docking solutions and Toy Islands provide the perfect platform for so many cool yacht toys, this V-Day we’re sharing the very best on the market that we’ve fallen head over heels for.

SEAmagine Submersibles

SEAmagine 5 person submarine used by crew and guests from a luxury charter yacht

It’s common knowledge that our oceans are hugely unexplored, and there are brand-new discoveries to be made every day. Give the gift of adventure and discovery to your superyacht owners and present them with a personal submersible from SEAmagine. Discover a whole new world underneath the yacht and share the experience with friends and family as you dive to depths of 100-2300 metres inside a spherical acrylic bubble for unmatched, all-encompassing views of the underwater world.

SEAmagine submersibles can be designed to accommodate between 2-7 people in a spacious and luxurious setting that can be semi-custom designed to meet your specifications. There is even the option of a more compact design for yachts with tighter storage facilities, and its easy-access boarding platform and internal staircase make this an adventure accessible to all manner of guests. Perfect for family bonding, romantic dates, and friendly outings.

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Takuma eTow

Charter superyacht guest using a Takuma eTow luxury water toy

Takuma is a watersports company that is one hundred per cent foil focused. With a wealth of knowledge stemming from surf, kite, and SUP, their industry knowledge and expertise in design results in an innovative and progressive range of products.

Their self-controlled electric towing watercraft is the first of its kind. With a towing speed of 45kmph, the eTow can take you anywhere and offers a totally fresh way of experiencing the freedom of the ocean. With its smooth and consistent pull, self-righting ability, and ease of use, the eTow can take you anywhere in any condition. The handheld remote allows the rider to take control from a distance of 1.5km. It’s perfect for towing efoils and even wakeboards and surfboards.

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Valo Hyperfoil

Valo Hyperfoil superyacht toy for use by guests during a vacation on a charter yacht

As our industry attempts to cut down on the emissions and pollutants that are destroying our planet, the rise of efoils and electric-powered watercraft can only be a positive. Gas-guzzling jetskis are on the out, and innovative watercraft such as the Valo Hyperfoil are on the up.

Valo has designed the world’s first Hyperfoil, a high-performance, semi-autonomous electric hydrofoil vehicle. Or, in layman’s terms, a hydrofoil jet ski. The Hydrofoil flies 2ft above the water, creating zero wake and zero emissions as it accelerates from 0-45mph in just eight seconds, reaching top speeds of 58mph. Carve through turns effortlessly with its precise balance and agility thanks to its Active Stability System and Skyride Flight Control System. Enjoy the serenity of the ocean as it speeds over the water silently and smoothly.

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Foiler – The Flying Yacht

The Enata Foiler flying yacht used by superyacht crew during a yacht charter

Looking to upgrade or replace the tender onboard or perhaps add a shiny new toy to the tender garage? Foiler is ENANTA’s flying yacht and would make a perfect surprise Valentine’s gift for any superyacht tender garage. Named the world’s first flying yacht, the Foiler will fly you 1.5m above the water thanks to its four retractable foils and propel you up to speeds of 40 knots. Since the foils are retractable, there’s even the added option to switch from foiling mode to regular yacht mode, making this a truly versatile watercraft.

This hybrid diesel–electric vessel is powered by two 320HP BMW hybrid engines and has reduced fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent when compared to a traditional yacht. This all-carbon masterpiece promises smooth sailing and can easily take on waves up to 1.5m high.

With plenty of different layouts, there’s a setup to suit all needs and tastes, from a more sporty style craft to a ProLimosine. Or, make your Foiler completely unique and opt for a custom configuration. The Foiler boasts class and elegance and is guaranteed to turn heads in any environment.

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Schiller Bikes

A charter guest from a luxury superyacht using a Schiller Bike on the ocean

For yachts hosting active guests or keen cyclists, there’s no better water toy to have onboard than Shiller Bikes. An ergonomically designed bicycle sits atop a catamaran-style pontoon that’s powered by the pedals turning the propeller, and the steering controlled by the rider, just like a regular bike.

Avid cyclers and casual bikers alike will love exploring the ocean in a whole new way. Schiller bikes provide an exhilarating and dynamic cycling experience for people of all athletic abilities. Cycle over oceanic splendour, far from the busy roads on land, and breathe in the fresh, salty air as you stare into the deep blue beneath and get a great workout to boot.

These bikes are a yacht crew favourite, as they are fast to assemble, easy to store, and super transportable.

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BLU3 – Nomad Dive System

Guest from a charter yacht using a BLU3 Nomad Dive System in clear water

Superyacht guests love to scuba dive, but many yachts don’t have the space or capabilities to keep all the equipment onboard. BLU3 have a solution. The Nomad Dive System is a battery-operated, tankless system that bridges the gap between snorkelling and scuba diving. A buoy
floats on the surface and delivers compressed air through a hose allowing divers to breathe underwater to a maximum depth of 30 feet. The battery typically lasts around 45-60 minutes and can be easily swapped out to extend dive time with ease.
A dry bag float comes along with the Nomad Dive System and provides high visibility to nearby boaters, with 40lbs of buoyancy so divers can store any valuables safely and securely while they explore the underwater world. This lightweight and compact system is ultra-portable and easily storable inside the included BLU3 backpack.

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Chasing M2 – Underwater Drone

The Charing M2 underwater drone for guests to enjoy during a private superyacht charter

Underwater cameras provide a whole host of benefits to superyachts. The primary use, of course, is to capture all the guest’s underwater adventures and fun, but they can be put to more practical uses, such as inspecting the hull below the waterline, searching for lost items, or checking out fishing conditions.

The Chasing M2 is perfect for capturing high-quality underwater footage. Its eight corner-mounted thrusters are operated from a joypad-style operating system, making controlling the drone easy for anyone. Its built-in camera offers ƒ/1.8 12 megapixels, a 1 / 2.3 CMOS and electronic stabilisation to keep footage smooth. Capture videos in 4K at 30fps and make movie-quality edits that will provide guests with lifelong memories and holiday mementoes.

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Crystal Kayaks

A charter guest from a superyacht using a Crystal Kayak on clear blue sea during their vacation

What is the one big drawback to traditional kayaks and SUP boards? The fact that they obscure the view. Crystal Kayaks have solved this issue by manufacturing fully transparent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Float on the water and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the mesmerising world below you.

Crystal Kayaks are built to last and manufactured in durable and corrosion-resistant materials. The hull is constructed in 6mm vacuum-sealed GE™ Lexan, a material that’s used in aeroplane windshields. The frame, seats, and inflatable chambers inside the kayaks are all removable, allowing for easy stacking, storing, and transporting. Guests will love these glass-bottom adventure mobiles and will float for hours observing the world below the surface.

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Reverso Air – Folding Sail Boat

Reverso Air folding sailboat used by a charter guest during a luxury vacation on a superyacht

Sailing is a skill everybody can learn and makes the perfect activity for active charter guests. The problem is that most sailing dinghies take up a lot of valuable storage space on a yacht and are often overlooked in favour of more compact toys. Luckily, the Reverso Air is the fastest and most compact small sailboat ever built. This folding dinghy combines high performance and quality workmanship with portability and easy storage.

Crew will love its easy set-up, as two people can put it together in just two minutes. It can carry up to two adults or one adult and two children, making it perfect for guest usage or for crew to offer lessons. Guests will love the freedom the Reverso Air offers as they navigate the open sea harnessing the power of the wind, whether they’re seasoned sailors or new learners. Gift your superyacht guests the magical experience of sailing the open sea by keeping a Reverso Air in the yacht’s toybox.

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Amphibious Limousine

The Nouvoyage Amphibious Limousine luxury superyacht toy

We couldn’t end our favourite superyacht toy list without including this project that is as luxurious as it is futuristic. Currently, in development, the world’s first amphibious limousine will revolutionise how guests travel to and from the yacht. Pick up from the jet, and in one seamless journey, guests will be boarding the yacht directly from the limousine. The limousine is equipped to handle all types of journeys, outfitted with seating for twelve, luxury interiors, open water classification, a convertible roof and windows, climate-controlled spaces, and even a restroom.

Boarding is made simple with a built-in passerelle and extendable swim platform. As another bonus point, since it’s also a land-based vehicle, the limousine can be stored on land, saving valuable space in the tender garage and time finding additional berths. The Nouvoyage Amphibious Limousine is expected to be priced at around $2 million.

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Hopefully, this list has helped to inspire some Valentine’s gift ideas for that special superyacht in your life. We’d love to know if you decide to treat your toybox with any of our recommendations or if you’ve already tested any products in our top ten. If you need a dock to comfortably park, embark and disembark your watercraft, get in touch with our team and let’s start designing a custom toy dock made especially to fit your new toy perfectly. Browse the FunAir selection of superyacht toys and inflatables at and contact us directly at [email protected] if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

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