FunAir Patents image of SeaStairs

Making Life Easier for Superyacht Crew

Product design isn’t the only area where FunAir are leading the way in innovation. The company engages with crew whenever they meet to get feedback on their products and how they can help to make crew lives easier. 

Every single product is pre treated for mold and mildew, which significantly reduces the risk of stowed products deteriorating. 

Mark and the design team are working on seam placement for all the FunAir products. By moving a seam a few inches here and there it can make folding the products a lot easier, and reduce the overall size of the product when it is stowed. 

John Courtney, Managing Director Yachting stated, “I am lucky to be able to spend time with the crew during installations and find out how we can improve our products. As well as inventing more exciting inflatables, we also want to make the maintenance of our products as hassle free as possible. Crews have told me that deflating, drying and storing any inflatable is always the biggest challenge. FunAir have brought changes to existing products, invented new accessories and designed completely new concepts to market purely because of the crew feedback we have taken on board.

Products like the SeaStairs that allow anyone to exit gracefully from the water was born out of the teams enthusiasm to solve a problem reported by crew. This unique system can be used by itself to return to the yacht after a swim, or be added to Jet-Ski Docks, Sea Pools, Floating Island and many other inflatable yacht toys.

FunAir worked tirelessly to manufacture RapidFlate, which is the system used to inflate and deflate all their products up to 6 times faster than competitors. John explained, “Because we recognized the industry feedback that crew disliked packing down inflatables under pressure because they took ages to deflate, and had to be fully cleaned before packing away to avoid mildew we invented Rapidflate to solve this issue. Without giving away too many trade secrets, we changed the way the pump delivers the air and significantly reduced setting up and packing away time for crew.”

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