FunAir climbing wall and slide in MY Lazy Z

Inflatable Yacht Toy Story – Showboats International, June 2016

Many of their manufacturers’ innovations are linked to the demands of the charter business, from semi-production slides, delivered in just a few days, to custom-fitted toys that address the specific demands of charter guests. FunAir (in the business of making fun out of thin air) recently fitted the successful charter yacht Lazy Z with a “leap-of-faith” platform, in addition to a new custom slide and climbing wall. “Jumping off the boat is a rite of passage for many charter guests,” says John Courtney, managing director for FunAir’s yachts and marine division. The trouble is leaping off a big yacht looks quite different from the other side of the rail. An inflatable platform, complete with inflatable anti-skid stairs and handles, allows the more cautious to change their mind and return to the sun deck with nothing bruised, except perhaps their ego.

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