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Inflatable Jet Ski Dock | A Must-Have for the Mediterranean Superyacht Season

For many owners and charter guests, yacht toys, inflatables, personal watercraft and jet skis are one of the main attractions for booking their superyacht experience. Following many conversations with captains and yacht crew, we asked ourselves, ‘How can we make the whole experience of using these toys even better?’ Enter an entire range of FunAir Inflatable docking solutions.

A New Home for Watertoys and Yacht Tenders

Teak Beach Club Sea Pool and Jet Ski Dock on MY Roma

An inflatable dock for jet skis and personal watercraft (PWCs), the FunAir Jet Ski Dock is a convenient, customisable attachment to the yacht’s stern. Once deployed it creates extra ‘parking’ space and an additional walkway between the tender garage and the yacht if required. Guests will arrive at the water’s edge and happily see all the yacht’s toys ready to go–and most importantly, easy to reach. If any charter client is nervous or is trying out a piece of equipment for the first time, the Jet Ski Dock is a well-balanced base to start out from. Crew can easily manage any guests embarking or disembarking, as all the equipment is within reach and secured in place. Think of it as a home base for all your toys, right on the water.

Extends the Charter Yacht Experience

FunAir Custom Jet Ski Dock Playground Sea Pool and Yacht Slide on luxury Motor Yacht Nomad

Yacht charter guests love to be on the water and a FunAir Jet Ski Dock creates additional space on board for ultimate fun in the sun – and it’s not just used for toys. Seamlessly connect the inflatable to the yacht’s swim platform or beach club for guests to lounge on, jump into the ocean or even cast a line and fish for catch of the day. The Jet Ski Dock is a multi-purpose inflatable that makes life easier for the crew and gives the guests more space to soak up the beauty of the cruising grounds. One of its most appealing features is its stability. Even if it’s slightly windy, the sturdy Jet Ski Dock will allow guests to feel comfortable before dipping into the water or whizzing off on a Waverunner. Plus, the premium non-slip surface gives extra grip underfoot.

With the Jet Ski Dock, guests will no longer have to walk around a swim platform crowded with toys or squeeze between equipment as they come out of the water. It also creates a convenient midway point between the water and the yacht so that any swimmers or divers can grab hold of it and take a breather for a few moments before getting back to the fun.

A Bespoke Product for Your Yacht

FunAir Inflatable Super Dock on a charter superyacht

The Jet Ski Dock is available in a variety of shapes and sizes for yachts. This FunAir product can also be fully customised based on the yacht’s layout, equipment, and owner preference. The Jet Ski Docks can be personalised to have extensions to the port or starboard side of the yacht and can be made to fit perfectly wherever the tender garage is on board. As with many of FunAir’s products, the modular formula of the Jet Ski Docks ensures it can swiftly be attached to other inflatable platforms at the yacht’s stern as part of a FunAir FunFlex setup. Not only can we build a custom inflatable for the yacht, but also design it to fit with an existing Swim Platform Extension or Beach Club Sea Pool. It’s a no-brainer for your equipment box.

Why Yacht Owners and Crew Love our Jet Ski Dock

Charter superyacht Eleonora 3 FunAir Jet Ski dock

A versatile option for a superyacht looking to extend its precious real estate, the Jet Ski Dock can play host to crew briefings and demonstrations before guests head out on various toys. By its very nature, the Jet Ski Dock moves with the water, so owners and yacht crew can rest assured that there will be no damage to paintwork on the yacht’s stern–even in choppy waters. The Jet Ski Dock attaches with steel D-rings and is equipped with state-of-the-art ballasts for premium stability.

An added bonus? It keeps all of the yacht’s equipment neat and tidy, allowing for clearer swim zones without excess lines. The Jet Ski Dock is also incredibly versatile. It can be deployed on any shoreside trips to easily secure jet skis, snorkelling equipment or stand-up paddleboards while yacht charter guests enjoy a beach day.

As with all FunAir products, yacht crew love the Inflatable Jet Ski Dock because it’s easy and simple to deploy. Lightweight, effortlessly stored, and made from durable materials, it’s an impressive yacht accessory built to last. It can be deployed in just 15 minutes so it’s a super-quick way to completely transform the guest experience at the water.

A Must-Have Toy for the Mediterranean Yacht Charter Season

As yacht captains, owners, and crew gear up for the summer Mediterranean season, it’s the perfect time to look at what yacht inflatables and toys can make your yacht stand out to charter clients. A toy box bursting with the latest equipment and yacht inflatables will enhance the vessel’s profile and appeal to groups of all ages. Plus, seasoned charter guests will immediately see how the Jet Ski Dock allows them to make the most of the yacht’s toys.

FunAir Jet Ski Dock and Sea Pool on MY Time for Us

If you’re a yacht and looking to get FunAir inflatables in a hurry, the FunAir Quickship option will deliver a huge selection of our products to you in record time. We have in-stock JetSki Docks ready to ship out immediately that fit almost any yacht and will be ready to go in a few days. QuickShip is an ideal option to shake up the yacht’s inflatable collection before an owner’s trip or as a fun surprise for repeat charter guests.

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