Choose your superyacht sea pool

How to Choose Your Superyacht Sea Pool

When we launched the Beach Club Sea Pool in 2018 with its walkable deck around the swim area, patented Sea Stairs and space to include Chaise Loungers poolside, we levelled up the superyacht inflatable Sea Pool market dramatically. In partnership with Motoryacht Loon, this new netted Sea Pool design became an Instagram sensation and spurred many other design options for this popular yacht toy.

We now provide an array of enticing and practical Sea Pools to choose from, but where do you start? We are here to break it down for you and make your selection process easier so you can have your own fully customised Sea Pool, or in-stock QuickShip solution ready to suit both your yacht and charter guests’ requirements in no time.

Custom Engineered In-House

FunAir Custom Sea Pool

To start, all FunAir Sea Pools are 100% designed by our in-house team of engineers and designers in Austin, Texas. This means there is no ceiling when it comes to possibilities. Your Custom Sea Pool can be tailored for any size superyacht to suit your exact needs whether it be the density of the netting if you will be cruising in waters with pesky critters, or you desire a statement pool to entertain and WOW your guests. We stand by the superior quality and durability of our products which is why we offer our customers a 3-year limited warranty to put your mind at ease knowing you are covered!

In-Stock QuickShip Options for Fast Delivery

FunAir QuickShip Sea Pool

We also carry an extensive stock of pre-made QuickShip Sea Pools which are designed to be expediently shipped out to accommodate last-minute requests and fit most mid-sized yachts. Delivered globally in just a few days, you can rest assured knowing your yacht will be well-equipped with the highest quality superyacht inflatable products on the market. This option is especially popular with yacht brokers who are under the wire to organise a charter experience and need reliable yacht toys delivered ASAP. At FunAir, you can expect both solid craftsmanship and efficiency all in one company, driven to provide state of the art superyacht inflatables and create the most memorable and fun yacht charter experiences.

Designed with Yacht Crew in Mind

All inflatables are designed by our team to ensure the time for set-up, pack down and storage is as uncomplicated and easy as possible for crew so guests can have more fun, and crew get more rest time. Aesthetics are never skipped over as FunAir believes great design and exceptional quality should work hand in hand, so through clever engineering our standard sized Beach Club Sea Pool can be deployed and returned by a crew of four in just 10 minutes.

I have a few Jet Skis and want the benefit of a combined docking solution and hangout space during a yacht party, which sea pool should I pick?

Beach Club Sea Pool

FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool

Most of our Sea Pools can be custom designed to tether Jet Skis and superyacht tenders when out at anchor. However, the Beach Club Sea Pool provides maximum space and a stable platform for owners and guests to easily get on and off any personal watercraft at their leisure. If you choose to include our Beach Loungers and attachable parasols, then you have the ultimate pool party set up.

To really impress your guests or charter clients, this option is hands down the winner. There is no other inflatable sea pool on the market which comprises the durability, versatility and design that the FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool provides. Completely customisable to suit any size yacht, its ample space means that guests can completely relax with cocktails in hand along the sides and ends of the pool. In addition, the patented SeaStairs mean that guests transition from pool to the sea in a breeze, while the netted pool allows a fun, carefree atmosphere during the most exciting of yacht parties.

FunSize Beach Club Sea Pool

FunAir FunSize Beach Club Sea Pool

For lower-key yacht parties and smaller crews who want an efficient option, the FunSize Beach Club Sea Pool is the compact version of its larger counterpart. Accommodating a seating area for two ergonomic wave chairs at the end of the pool, your guests can relax comfortably and in style.

Like the full-size Beach Club Sea Pool, it retains the length to tether your jet skis and PWC along the sides when guests want to quickly jump from sunbathing to high-speed fun. With less than 30 minutes of setup time and weighing in at around 85kg, crew will easily manage the FunSize Beach Club Sea Pool and get guests into the water ASAP. Let us know your yacht size and requirements, and we can handle the rest!

For more inflatable Jet Ski Docks, FunAir also offers various PWC docking solutions when you want extra protection to organise your toys without needing to use a drift line. Feel free to check out our JSD pages to view your options!

We want protection from both the currents and critters, which option is the best for us?

Netted Sea Pool

FunAir Netted Sea Pool

When guests are having fun around your superyacht, safety is the priority for the crew on watch! FunAir’s range of inflatable Netted Sea Pools come standard with various netting options, so guests have the comfort of knowing there is a barrier to help keep any curious sea creatures outside of the swimming area. This provides both crew and guests the peace of mind knowing there is reduced risk of stings and bites dampening the fun. The Netted Sea Pools also create an enclosed space to protect children from floating away with changing currents.

FunAir Netted Sea Pools rapidly deploy and require only 15 minutes of set-up time for deck crew. 30% lighter than most other inflatable yacht pools on the market, these inflatable Sea Pools are a dream for both guests and crew to utilise. Meanwhile, the tethered weight bags can be adjusted using your existing dive weights to ensure the netting is kept down so everyone can enjoy a fuss-free swim. A sturdy rope ladder is included with the Netted Sea Pool so you can transition easily from the sea to pool in no time. When storing, FunAir purposely engineers every pool design to be quick to clean and dry with no annoying hidden pockets that can collect water, while also tailoring to the size of the crew and deck space so packing up will always be easy to manage.

Lagoon Sea Pool

FunAir Lagoon Pool

Our most compact Inflatable pool design is also perfect for charters in areas known to be home to many critters. The Lagoon Sea Pool is the perfect lightweight option strategically designed for yachts with very limited crew or reduced space for storage. Providing enhanced protection, the Lagoon Sea Pool provides a knitted jellyfish net with 1cm weave and a netting depth of 2.25m. The 30cm rigid tube perimeter allows swimmers to hang on when the current changes while the included rope ladder assists guests in and out of the netted swim space. The adjustable weight system tethered to the netting ensures the net stays down just like our other pools, and these can easily be retrieved without crew needing to enter the water.

Efficiently engineered to rapidly deploy and return, the Lagoon Sea Pool is the ultimate solution providing both increased security and an easy to manage design packing down light and tight at the end of the swim session. For charters in Australian waters, the Aussie Edition Lagoon Pool is the perfect selection as the net panels contain an even tighter, extra-fine weave to inhibit smaller critters from entering. The Lagoon Sea Pool and Aussie Edition Lagoon Pool are truly efficient options to provide ease and comfort for both guests and crew alike.

Why should I choose FunAir’s Sea Pools over another company?

FunAir Custom Sea Pool on MY Lady Azul

We could dedicate an entire blog to this part, but in essence you won’t find another inflatable yacht toy company with the same experience, ethos and dedication to the quality of their products. From our founder to the design engineer, crafts people and quality assurance manager each one of our team members has a passion for the part they play in providing our customers with the highest standard of excellence.

We are all about attention to detail, innovation and attending to our customer’s needs. When we say we provide customisable solutions, we mean it. There is hardly anything we can’t do which doesn’t defy the laws of physics and we will work hard to make sure you receive jaw dropping inflatable superyacht toys which also pass the test of time. We feel providing our 3-Year Limited Warranty on all of our products ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind. We are happy for you to reach out to us with any queries.

Material Specifications: Commercial grade 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 316 stainless steel, reinforced crew-lifting handles, commercial grade rip-stop netting

Set-up time: 15-30 minutes

Order Lead Time: Contact [email protected]

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