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MY Kontiki Wayra offers a truly unique superyacht charter experience. Pioneering luxury sea expeditions in coastal Ecuador, every impeccable detail has wellbeing, beauty and care at its heart. Expect a once in a lifetime experience that takes you on a full sensory journey.  Enjoy a blissful vacation that focuses on connecting with each other and the breath-taking natural surroundings, supporting local communities and respecting indigenous cultures.

Seeking luxury in the sustainable, a superyacht charter on this 40m yacht offers an onboard wellness retreat, as well as a full watersports program aimed at providing an authentic experience for all personal wellbeing. The outstanding menu is inspired by the gastronomy of native communities using fresh, local ingredients and there is even an organic bar for when a cocktail is calling you.

Superyacht Charter Fun with Motor Yacht Kontiki Wayra

Explore Ecuador

This incredible expedition charter nurtures guests into forming a personal bond with Ecuador as a destination. Journey along seldom travelled routes to discover biodiverse forests, wetlands and untouched beaches, woven between ecological reserves, all while enjoying the luxury and the comforts of the 7* service provided by your devoted crew.

Creative Cabins

Each of Kontiki Wayra’s nine staterooms have superb panoramic views and there is plenty of space for multigenerational family charters, as well as large groups of friends. Each opulent cabin is furnished with the finest bed linens and accented with artisan sculptures from local artists. Care for the environment is ever present with sustainable materials used throughout.

Meet the Locals

Immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian cultures old and new with Kontiki’s crew and experienced onboard guides. Learn and enjoy traditional crafts such as weaving intricate Toquilla straw hats, then try out some new latitude wines at a local vineyard. All activities support the economic development of the native communities along the Pacific coastline.

Artisan interior

The stunning interior of Motor Yacht Kontiki Wayra is a perfect marriage of lavish comfort and Ecuadoran design. The bright patterns on the soft furnishings compliment the local, sustainably sourced wooden accents. Artisan sculpture and artwork celebrate national artists and bring together a spiritual harmony and zen like tranquility that is present throughout this impressive superyacht.

Nurture Nature

The only crowds you might encounter on this charter are groups of humpback whales, the entertaining blue-footed boobies or perhaps a family of howler monkeys. Protecting the environment is at the centre of the Kontiki program. You won’t find single use plastics on board and the yacht takes an active role in the conservation of the beaches and oceans that they cruise.

Temple of Wellness

This superyacht is a temple of wellness. Charter guests will have no choice but to finish their journey refreshed, pampered and evolved from experiencing the exotically lavish onboard treatments. Ancient healing practices are combined with modern products and techniques, and the Wellness Retreat also has an amazing chill parlour to help round off a day of exploring.

Gourmet Gastronomy

Taking inspiration from local products and the recipes from native communities, Kontiki Wayra offers an organic, gastronomic journey like no other luxury charter. Diverse menus are served onboard, usually on the sundeck so that the remarkable views can complement each dish, and during onshore expeditions to meet the indigenous people who have helped to shape your experience.

“I believe a charter on MY Kontiki Wayra is a life changing experience. We offer access to seldom-traveled routes along the five provinces of the Coast of Ecuador. Each journey is curated to enhance total wellbeing for our guests, supporting and sharing local culture, and with sustainability at the heart of our program.”
Captain Fabian Reina of charter yacht MY Kontiki Wayra
Captain Fabian Reina
Motor Yacht Kontiki Wayra

It’s All about the Fun On Motor Yacht Kontiki Wayra

Kontiki Wayra offers an amazing selection of yacht toys and water sports equipment for the enjoyment of guests. Their toy box currently includes:

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