Meet FunFlex The Adaptable Superyacht Inflatable setup from FunAir

Meet FunFlex: The Adaptable Superyacht Inflatable setup

Introducing a game-changer for the superyacht charter experience: FunFlex. An innovative, modular and fully adaptable inflatable water toy setup that gives yacht crew and guests multiple options for fun, depending on what is planned for the day.

FunFlex yacht toy is a combination of FunAir inflatables that are perfectly designed to slot together in various ways and create an array of incredible on-water experiences. A great starting point for FunFlex is to include a Jet Ski Dock, Swim Platform Extension, and Beach Club Sea Pool, but as with all custom FunAir products, almost anything is possible as long as the laws of physics allow it!

Think of FunFlex as an inflatable system that all fits together and can be interchanged based on guest preference. A collection of FunAir inflatables that can be set up in any order, in any arrangement, and in any number of ways. Do guests want to jump on and off jet skis today whilst adventuring along the coast? No problem, inflate the Jet Ski Dock and they can be ready in no time. Is it a day for basking in the sun rather than action-packed fun? It’s time for the Swim Platform with some Wave Loungers and Beach Club Sea Pool. Are you on a boss trip and they don’t know exactly what they want to do yet? Set up the Swim Platform Extension followed by the Sea Pool and add the Jet Ski Dock at the end so all options are open for on-water fun. Each day can be different, with a new formation ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The adaptable modular FunFlex yacht inflatables from FunAir
Alternative setups for the FunFlex adaptable inflatable water toys

It’s an ingenious, thoughtfully-designed modular inflatable solution that completely transforms on-water activities for charter clients. The best part? FunFlex can be entirely bespoke for your yacht and designed from scratch to meet the exacting needs of your guests and crew. Or if this sounds like a charter solution you need in a hurry you can choose the QuickShip FunFlex which is already in production. Undeniably versatile, FunFlex can be formed from a whole range of FunAir products, or something completely new designed in partnership with our in-house design team. Each individual inflatable section can be rearranged in minutes to accommodate any yacht guest’s preference. A win-win for all on board.

FunFlex is yet another example of FunAir’s commitment to innovation. It’s the most flexible inflatable setup available in the industry – an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind yacht toy. This concept is a huge hit with families as it creates a space for all ages to be together by the water’s edge, and is loved by yacht crew for its exceptional design and additional safety features.

Designed to Fit Your Yacht (and Your Yacht Toys)

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Every superyacht is unique, which means that every yacht has its own collection of water toys and equipment on board. As the FunFlex platform can be fully bespoke, the inflatables will be finely tuned to accommodate the yacht’s selection of toys, jet skis, tenders, and water sports gear. The FunFlex Toy Dock is an enhancement of our popular Jet Ski Dock, which is a convenient place for guests and crew to enjoy the various water sports equipment on board. No drift lines are needed, just a convenient landing space for guests to jump on their preferred water toy and hit the waves running.

Extra Space = More Fun

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Without a doubt, the FunFlex stands out for its ability to transform a yacht’s aft space. Extend the beach club or swim platform and create a completely new area for charter guests to enjoy. Yachts can expand any beach club or swim platform to accommodate more guests, equipment and (of course) more fun. Guests want to lounge and float in total luxury? Do they need more room to jump on toys? Want to take a dip in the ocean? The FunFlex combination of inflatables caters to it all.

One of the most popular modules to include in the FunFlex setup is our Beach Club Sea Pool. A protected space for guests to dip into the water to cool off or practice snorkelling and diving, the netted sea pool can be designed with our patented SeaStairs that make getting in and out of the ocean as simple as can be. If guests prefer to lounge in the sun, the Swim Platform Extension creates a vast on-water area with a relaxed, beach club vibe. Just add some of our inflatable Beach Furniture and your charter guests will be soaking up the sun in total luxury.

High-Quality: The FunAir Standard

As with all of our products, the FunFlex setup is built with the highest-quality materials by our expert design team. Easy to inflate, lightweight and durable, each module of the FunFlex platform is built to withstand all the sun and saltwater you can imagine. Set up in minutes not hours, FunFlex will provide hours of entertainment for guests and can be stowed away in no time. All the fun, without the fuss.

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