FunAir Yacht Joust

FunAir Yacht Joust – Could You Be the next Superyacht Gladiator?

FunAir Yacht Joust is a stable platform with central beam suspended one metre above the water where two competitors battle it out and try to knock each other into the water using their inflatable Joust poles.

Suitable for the whole family, Yacht Joust is part of FunAir’s in stock superyacht toy range and can be shipped to you in just a few days. Joust brings competition as well as fun to the water and lends itself perfectly to team knockout tournaments for charter guests, as well as one on one battles.

Superyacht guests and crew will have hours of fun and make plenty of memories with this entertaining outdoor game. Improving fitness levels and balance is a happy add on.

FunAir Yacht Joust

The balance beam is a mega 350cm x 50cm giving lots of space for adults and children to proclaim dominance and knock their opponents into the water. As a free-floating inflatable there is no need to be tied down to a location, you can joust just about anywhere.

You can tether Yacht Joust from your superyacht in the middle of the ocean, or in a remote cove. Take the competition to the beach where there is plenty of room for spectators and teammates to cheer you on in your battle for the title of Joust champion!

Set up time for Joust is just 30 minutes, so crews are able to deploy it quickly and with ease. Packing down is hassle free too. Yacht Joust takes up minimal storage space so no matter what size yacht you are on; you can still have the best toys on offer!

Special Features
Set up takes just 30 minutes giving you maximum competition time.
The entry steps and joust beam are made from non-slip material to ensure slip free fun and a stable joust stance.
Well placed handles, steps and beach entry netting ensure easy entry onto the beam.
The Joust poles are fitted with comfort grip handles so you can challenge your opponent plenty of times and still keep a good hold on your joust pole.
Joust is made from commercial grade 1000 denier reinforced PVC and non-slip PVC with FR and UV ratings.
All FunAir inflatables come with a 3 year limited warranty.

Joust Beam: 680cm x 100cm x 200cm
Poles: 184cm
Packed: 110cm x 75cm x 65cm

Two Joust Poles
Storage wrap
Repair kit
Unbeatable customer service

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