FunAir climbing wall and slide in MY Lazy Z

FunAir and Lazy-Z Are Taking Yacht Toys to a Whole New Level of Fun.

FunAir and M/Y Lazy Z have joined forces to test the newest and most innovative yachting toys the world has ever seen. And as you can imagine, they’re doing it in style.

Captain Tane, from M/Y Lazy Z, spent many years at the helm on M/Y Trident, M/Y Aquarius and M/Y Majestic—a boat that featured FunAir inflatables. His wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of the yachting industry has made him one of the worlds most sought after superyacht captains. 

He explained, “M/Y Lazy Z is a special vessel. Everything you can think of or want, we anticipate it. The second guests step off the plane, until they step back on the plane, we take care of everything. We bring luxury to life. And our partnership with FunAir will only enhance the experience.”

Due to FunAir’s innovation, breadth of offering, and customer service, Captain Tane made the recommendation of FunAir for Lazy-Z. This led to them replacing their compliment of incumbent inflatables with FunAir inflatables. Together, FunAir and M/Y Lazy-Z are building an innovation partnership that will revolutionize the superyacht charter experience. 

John Courtney, Chief of Yachting at FunAir had a candid conversation with Captain Tane. “Many people approached Captain Tane about outfitting the Lazy-Z with water toys, and rightfully so—Lazy-Z is an amazing yacht. Captain Tane and I agreed that we have a unique opportunity for Lazy Z to be an innovation partner. This is our chance to bring new and exciting products to market on one of the world’s most luxurious yachts. And we plan on delivering on this opportunity in a way that only FunAir can.” 

Captain Tane responded, “Lazy-Z is very unique. The amount of emphasis the crew puts into making the guests happy is extraordinary. “No” is not a word we use. If a guest wants anything, we make it happen. We’re all about having a good time and making sure our guests feed off that vibe. Our guests expect to have fun on our yacht. So we’re excited to see what happens with all the new offerings FunAir will bring to the Lazy-Z in the years to come.” 

As a busy charter yacht Lazy-Z not only understands what makes an unforgettable experience, Captain Tane and the crew preempt requests and find solutions that will max out the fun while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

An example of how the FunAir innovation partnership works is the new ‘Leap of Faith’. In a conversation with John, Captain Tane mentioned, “One of the biggest challenges we face on a regular basis is a guest wanting to jump off the top deck. Many see this as a right of passage and the last thing we want to do is put a dampener on everyone having fun. However, from a safety point of view we are faced with several challenges. 

“We have had any number of guests wanting to take up this right of passage, only to realize quite how far from the water they are once they are on the other side of the rail about to jump. Crew often have to jump first to show guests how it is done and sometimes climbing back over the rail to safety is a challenge in itself. 

“I asked FunAir to design an inflatable platform that would sit over the rail on the top deck to provide a safe place for guests to make the jump. 

I’m extremely happy with the result and proud that Lazy Z has the worlds first ‘Leap of Faith’. Guests and crew do not have to climb over the rail and everyone can safely see exactly how long the drop is before they decide if the want to take part. We love it!” 

FunAir aim to release a new-to-market inflatable yacht toy each season. Lazy Z will be the first to get the products and charter guests of this famous yacht will be guaranteed to have the latest superyacht inflatables on board.

The Lazy Z custom compliment.

Leap of Faith
A 3m by 4m platform over the rail of the top deck for guests to take their right of passage and leap from the top deck of the yacht into the water. Non slip surface even when wet. Inflates and deflates using RapidFlate in less than 5 minutes. Weighs 100KG. Folds away to 1m x 80cm. 

Climbing Wall
8m inflatable climbing wall with unique user friendly hand and foot holds. Option for auto belay safety equipment. Inflates and deflates in less than 7 minutes. Weighs 300KG. Folds away to 1.5m x 1m. 

4m x 3m blob that propels users into the air. Inflates and deflates in less than 4 minutes. Weighs 80KG. Folds away to 1m x 1m. 

Hanger Slide Extreme 
8m tall with a total slide length of 15m. Inflates and deflates in less than 8 minutes Weighs 250KG. Folds away to 1.5m x 1.5m. 

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