Yacht Toys for Thrillseekers Meet FunAir’s Flume and Leap of Faith

Superyacht Toys for Thrillseekers: Meet FunAir’s Flume and Leap of Faith

Experience the most exhilarating yacht toys on the market. Ready to jump in and turn up the fun? Meet FunAir’s Flume and Leap of Faith superyacht inflatables – heart-racing yacht toys to cater to the bravest of charter guests.

Exclusive to FunAir and totally tailored to your yacht, even the most seasoned of charter guests likely will not have seen either the Flume or the Leap of Faith, which really sets your superyacht apart from the yachting crowd. These products are a surefire way to keep charter guests entertained all day.

As with all FunAir designs, the Flume and the Leap of Faith are crafted with the highest quality materials that make them ideal for a yachting environment (Saltwater? Sunshine? No problem!). Plus, yacht crew love how lightweight and durable these inflatables are.

Why Superyacht Guests Love The Flume

FunAir Flume inflatable Yacht Slide for charter superyachts

Imagine an inflatable yacht slide with double the adrenaline. That’s the FunAir Flume. First designed for an adventurous yacht owner and Captain, the Flume is a unique, customizable inflatable yacht toy that will soon be your most requested inflatable on board. The innovative design of the Flume is shorter than a typical yacht slide and allows charter guests to get ample air time before hitting the water. It’s like your favourite waterpark ride, but on board a yacht.

So, what makes the Flume unique? Firstly, it can be used from any deck on board, offering maximum flexibility. It can be set up to face any direction, not interfere with guest movements on board the yacht and can be moved to accommodate other on-water activities taking place at the same time. The petite size of the Flume also makes it an ideal choice for yachts with limited space on board or vessels that are lucky enough to already have a packed toy closet. It’s also super quick to deploy and pack away – perfect for a quick pit stop at a quiet anchorage before heading onto your next yacht charter destination.

A must-have addition to any charter toy closet, the Flume is also a way to up your yacht charter experience for repeat guests and double the fun on board.

Yacht Charter Adventures with the Leap of Faith

Charter passenger jumping off the FunAir Leap of Faith on MY Lazy Z

For superyacht charter guests who are feeling brave, the Leap of Faith inflatable is a must-have on board. This unique superyacht product was invented when a Captain approached us to cater to daredevil guests who wanted to jump off the highest deck of the yacht. The Leap of Faith is a solution for charter clients who love to get their hearts racing before landing in the water below. Securely attached to the yacht’s railings, the Leap of Faith is a simple solution with non-skid steps, an inflatable platform and a slight overhang from the side of the yacht so guests can leap into the air – away from the yacht – before splashing down into the calm blue waters of their cruising grounds.

The Leap of Faith is a custom-built inflatable for yachts that solves any potential problems that occur when guests or yacht crew jump from the upper decks of the yacht. Incredibly versatile, it can be used on its own or can with other yacht inflatables, such as the FunAir Climbing Wall. For the ultimate adrenaline kick, combine the Leap of Faith inflatable with the FunAir BigAir Blob. Yacht charter guests will be thrilled by the bigger heights (and bigger splashes!) with this fantastic duo.

We’re Here to Help Superyacht Owners and Captains

The Flume and the Leap of Faith inflatables were both created when superyacht owners and Captains approached us. Here at FunAir, we love a challenge. If your yacht is missing something or you have a crazy idea for an inflatable, we want to hear from you. Our team is ready to design custom solutions to elevate the yacht guest experience.

Yacht Inflatables and Toys Tailored to You

To help you picture your yacht kitted out with FunAir’s inflatables, our team can send product renders and mockups that allow Captains, crew, and yacht owners to see exactly how the final concept will look on board. Our in-house design and engineering team use state-of-the-art technology that works with the yacht’s general arrangement to ensure a perfect fit. Each yacht inflatable can be tailored to your yacht’s individual needs. Get in touch and start your FunAir journey – we promise you won’t regret it.

To find out more about the Flume and Leap of Faith or any of our other products, you can contact the team by email or via our social media.

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