Floating around in love on a FunAir Floating Shaded Lounger

Floating Around In Love This Valentine’s Day

A superyacht offers its guests the ultimate luxury getaway from the everyday stresses of modern life, and a chance to spend some much-needed quality time with their nearest and dearest. With February being the month of love, superyacht guests look to spend more one-on-one time with lovers, friends, and family. If you’re looking for inspiration for creating intimate settings and activities that will bring your guests together and have them floating around in love this Valentine’s Day, then keep reading. We have you covered.

Whether it’s spending one-on-one romantic time with a significant other, bonding with family, or catching up with old friends, what better way to do it than cruising the seven seas aboard a luxury vessel with all the superyacht toys and entertainment it has to offer. This Valentine’s Day, bring your guests together with a portfolio of FunAir superyacht inflatables, beach furniture, and yacht toys.

Floating Shaded Island

Let your guests enjoy a Valentine’s themed cocktail on the FunAir Floating Shaded Island. The triangular hub connects three of our Floating Shaded Loungers to create the ultimate secluded lounging spot. Guests can lay back and enjoy the relaxing sensation of the water as they enjoy the sun or shade with the removable sunshade. If things get too hot to handle, then the netted splash pool is perfect for cooling off.

The island can be tethered to the yacht in open water or in the shallows at the beach. Guests wanting a little alone time? The Floating Loungers can also be used individually so that two people can happily float around in their private paradise. So, whether you have a couple looking for some remote alone time, or a group of friends searching for a cool place to hang, the Floating Shaded Island is the perfect superyacht accessory.

Inflatable SUP

Man and woman on FunAir Stand Up Paddleboard and rowing on a river SUP

Nothing bonds two people together better than a shared experience. Send your guests out on a FunAir inflatable stand-up paddleboard for an experience they’ll never forget. Guests can explore the beautiful ocean and coastline from the yacht or beach and make memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Our 18-foot Mega Inflatable SUP is another great option to get groups of four to six people out on the ocean together.

The FunAir inflatable SUPs are super lightweight and packable, making them easy to transport and store when not in use. Our range of SUPs can be custom built to suit your specs and design preferences. Or, if you need one fast, we keep our basic models on our QuickShip program so you can get one in a matter of days.

Water Joust

Two boys play fighting on FunAir Water Joust

February may be the month of love, but sometimes, a bout of healthy competition can bring two people together. Turn up the heat and let the guests get into the competitive spirit with the FunAir Water Joust. Let friends, lovers or family battle it out to become the reigning champion of the yacht. This high energy activity will banish any bad feelings and let good energy reign supreme among your guests.

The water joust is easy and quick to set up, so guests can settle any arguments in super-quick time. Set it up in open water off the yacht or in the shallows for an extra fun beach day activity. The Water Joust comes supplied with two lightweight poles that are easy to use for gladiators of all ages and sizes.


FunAir daybed and wave loungers for larger groups

The FunAir Inflatable Daybed offers guests a multitude of options when it comes to kicking back and relaxing. After a quick and easy set-up, guests can lounge on the beach, out on the deck by the pool, or curl up and watch a movie under the stars. The daybed is a perfect fit for couples needing some quality time together, friends sipping cocktails and catching up under the sun, or even an army of kids plotting to take over the ship.

The day bed is available as a QuickShip product, which means you can have it on board in just a few days. Alternatively, have one custom-made to suit your designs. Add our luxury fitted covers which can be customised to match the yachts branding and aesthetics.

Climbing Wall

Superyacht Gene Machine with FunAir yacht slide and climbing wall
image: @mygenemachine (Instagram)

Have your guests walk the plank and take a leap of faith hand in hand for the ultimate shared adrenaline thrill. The FunAir Climbing Wall also serves as an inflatable jump platform that allows guests to safely jump from the top of the yacht into the deep blue sea below. If you want to skip breaking a sweat climbing the wall, make use of the easy-to-climb stairs instead. The non-slip surface makes the time-honoured tradition of jumping from the top decks of a yacht all that much safer while still providing the exhilaration and excitement that comes with the leap.

Sentimental Activities

Romantic valentines day picnic setup on the beach

As always, the most important thing is the guest experience. Ensuring you have everything ready and available so that guests can live out their wildest dreams and enjoy their stay in utmost luxury is the forefront of all yacht crew’s job. There are plenty of activities and experiences to be planned that will help make the trip that extra bit special.

Have the chef prepare a delicious meal and the stewardess set a romantic candlelit dinner or an intimate soiree for a group of friends. Have them enjoy the sunset, with soft music playing in the background and the yacht’s excellent service, and your guests will no doubt have an unforgettable stay on board.

Pack them a picnic and drop them at a secluded beach for a fun daytime activity. You can use our guide to the ultimate beach party set-up for inspiration. Or keep things simple and leave them to explore their surroundings and spend some time alone.

Couple holding hands snorkling clear blue water

Make use of the snorkel or scuba diving equipment on board and have guests explore the amazing and beautiful underwater world below. There will be bonus points if one of the deck crew can capture this unforgettable activity with an underwater camera. Momentos like this make a lasting impression, and guests will look back at their trip with fond memories for years to come.

We’d love to hear more about how you bring your superyacht guests together and about any valentines day or romantic-themed activities you’ve planned onboard. Get in touch or tag us on socials @FunAirFun with all your great ideas and browse the FunAir product pages to see our full range of inflatable yacht toys and beach furniture.

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