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First Click and Buy Website for Superyacht Inflatable Water Toys Delivers the Goods… Fast!

FunAir, USA., Press Release – June, 2016

Innovation takes many forms and yacht inflatable company FunAir certainly thrives in this area. In just three years they have already built the tallest inflatable climbing wall, significantly reduced deployment times for large inflatable products with their patented RapidFlate technology, launched the first in-stock yacht slide that can be shipped within 24 hours; and developed the first innovation partnership to test and develop new inflatable products with popular charter yacht Lazy Z.

Well, they have done it again. The team at FunAir HQ based in Austin, Texas have launched a brand new website with the first click and buy interface for inflatable products. Showcasing both their in-stock and custom inflatable products for yachts, resorts and at home family fun, the site offers online shopping and promises to ship in-stock products within 24 hours.

Known for designing and building incredible custom inflatables for some of the world’s most popular superyachts, the website also showcases a number of the custom compliments currently on the water. If you need inspiration, take a look and in the words of FunAir’s John Courtney, Managing Director, Yachting and Marine, “The only real limitation for FunAir products are the laws of physics, if your dream is physically possible, we will build it for you.”

Products currently available for practically atomic speed delivery include Water Mats, Stand Up Paddle Boards, the Glacier Extreme and the in-stock yacht slide. The must have Super Sweet Slide and GaGa Ball pit are also available with immediate shipment for unparalleled on land fun.

With distribution centres in Europe, America, Australia and the East captains and owners can expect to receive delivery of non-custom product in just a couple of days.

To speak with FunAir email [email protected] or call +1 512-593-5133.

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