Find the Best Yacht Slide For Your Superyacht

Find the Best Yacht Slide For Your Superyacht

Are you a superyacht owner looking to impress the grandkids? A charter manager who wants their new yacht to attract more guests? A captain with a mission to have the best vessel in the fleet? Whatever your reason for wanting more fun on board, an inflatable Yacht Slide should definitely be top of the list.

Yachting is the ultimate vacation and offers complete privacy, unparalleled luxury, and (most importantly) huge amounts of fun. Each year, guests have higher and higher expectations for their time on board. And as the average age of yacht owners and charter guests gets younger, heart-racing activities are more in demand than ever. Enter: FunAir. 

As the undisputed leader in yacht inflatables, we continue to evolve our range of inflatable yacht slides, based on feedback from crew, owners, and guests. Our expert in-house design team has engineered yacht slides in all shapes and sizes and works tirelessly to develop new and exciting products for our clients. We’ve spent many hours on board speaking to owners and crew in order to make inflatables that are fun and easy to use, as well as fit seamlessly onto your yacht.

Using 3D CAD models and superyacht specifications that are usually taken from your General Arrangement, we work with you to ensure that our custom yacht inflatables meet all your requirements and deliver the WOW your guests expect. Need a tight turnaround? Our QuickShip products are available in superyacht hubs around the world and can be delivered to your yacht in a matter of days. 

Not sure where to start? Read on to discover our selection of best-selling slides and find the best yacht slide for your superyacht.

The Hanger Yacht Slide

FunAir Yacht Bow Slide Motor Yacht Gene Machine
Image: Motoryacht Gene Machine

Our most popular custom inflatable slide is the easiest and fastest slide found on the yacht market today. The Hanger is available in three sizes: mini (2 – 3m), original (4 – 6.5m), and extreme (7 – 9.5m). This inflatable uses ultra-slick vinyl, which is so strong you no longer need a cover sheet. Lightweight, easy to take care of, and durable, it’s easy to see why so many yachts choose this model.

The Stern Yacht Slide

FunAir Stern Yacht Slide inflatable superyacht toy

A popular option that utilises the space at the back of the yacht, the Stern Slide is a perfect choice for owners and guests that have a beach club or swim platform. All the action is in one place and everyone on board can enjoy the fun together. 

The Curved Yacht Slide

FunAir Curved Yacht Slide superyacht toys
Image: Motoryacht Helios

Ideal for taller yachts, the Curved Slide is a true head-turner that makes an excellent companion to our inflatable Climbing Walls. Additional security features include extra-high walls and netting for ultimate peace of mind. This is an ideal choice for busy anchorages where space is limited. 

The Flume Yacht Slide

FunAir Flume Yacht Slide New Yacht Toys

A must-have for adventurers on board! The Flume is designed to allow for maximum airtime before hitting the water. As it’s not dependent on rail-to-water measurements, it is very quick to deploy and easy to store. The ultimate choice for somersault aficionados. 

The Bow Yacht Slide

Funair Superyacht Bow Slide Motor Yacht Illusion V
Image: Motoryacht Illusion V

A popular option for sailing yachts, Bow Slides are deployed front and centre into the action! The slide can be made to fit one or both sides of the yacht, so guests can always be assured of the best view. 

The Riser Yacht Slide

FunAir Riser Superyacht Slide Motor Yacht Formossa
Image: Motoryacht Formossa

One of our largest models, this slide is designed to be deployed from the top deck for heart-racing speed and unbeatable views. An extra stable inflatable thanks to its unique support system, the Riser will impress all guests on board and provide hours of fun. 

The Self-lifting Yacht Slide

FunAir Yacht Slide Self Lifting Superyacht Inflatables Motor Yacht Cloud 9
Image: Motoryacht Cloud 9

The inflatable that all crew members have been dreaming of: a Self Lifting Yacht Slide. Innovative engineering inflates at the touch of a button and our patented RapidFlate system means that this model will be ready to use six times faster than traditional inflatables. Plus, it deflates just as quickly when guests retire for the day. You can thank us later. 

FunSize Slides

FunAir FunSize Yacht Slide Catamaran Inflatable Toys

Our most compact option, the FunSize is a perfect ‘starter’ slide for yachts up to 20m. At just 1.5m, it’s super quick to inflate (under 15 minutes!), lightweight, and easy to stow away. 

Why FunAir?

FunAir Custom Superyacht Slide with Ramp

Fun for Guests

Superyacht inflatables are a huge hit with guests of all ages. FunAir Yacht Slides provide hours of entertainment and will create unforgettable memories for everyone on board. 

Easy for crew

FunAir products are designed to be as light and durable as possible. They are engineered to pack small and fold tight.

Inflates Fast

We’ve pioneered technology that inflates and deflates our inflatables in minutes, not hours. So you can rest assured that all your guests will be enjoying their inflatable experience in no time.

Custom Inflatable Yacht Slides

FunAir Custom Yellow Yacht Slide Motor Yacht Taiba
Image: Motoryacht Taiba

Creating custom yacht slides and inflatables is our bread and butter. We work directly with hundreds of yachts so we can engineer our products to fit perfectly, no matter where the entry point is located. From consulting in the build process, advising during a refit, or speaking to the owner of an established vessel, our expert team is on hand to deliver the ultimate inflatable experience from start to finish, and our after sales support is backed by a three year limited warranty.

Want to make a splash? FunAir’s level of customisation even extends to the shade of your inflatable. If the owner has a favourite colour or you want to match the slide to the yacht’s logo, or even feature the logo on the slide, we’ve got you covered. 

QuickShip In-Stock Inflatable Yacht Slides

FunAir Small Yacht Slide QuickShip Motor Yacht MGC
Image: Motoryacht MGC

FunAir is famous in the industry for its custom inflatables, but we do offer a huge range of in-stock QuickShip options for last-minute requests. We have a range of QuickShip Slides from 1.5 – 8.5m that can be ordered and sent to your yacht in record time. The ideal solution for owners, brokers, and captains who need an inflatable urgently to secure a charter or keep a VIP guest happy. Built to the same exact same standards as the custom slides, our QuickShip inflatables are manufactured in advance and kept in prime yachting locations so we can deliver quickly and efficiently to yachts across the world.

FunAir QuickShip slides fit almost all mid-sized yachts and fast, global shipping makes sure that your next charter or owner’s trip will be a success. Contact us to get a quote on QuickShip inflatables today. 

Expert Engineering with Yacht Crew In Mind

FunAir Yacht Slide stairs Motor Yacht Zeal
Image: Motoryacht Zeal

FunAir yacht slides stand out from the crowd with patented technology, innovative designs, and unbeatable quality. Our inflatable yacht toys are engineered by our in-house experts to be easy to use, durable, lightweight and quick to deploy and return. We use the latest and greatest materials on the market and even get involved in developing them. Our design and engineering team makes sure every seam, stainless steel D ring or hand hold is cleverly placed to make sure all our products are easy to fold and pack tight.

So, what are you waiting for? Slide into the fun with FunAir today! 

If you have any Yacht Slide questions, our team is standing by to assist. Contact [email protected] for more information and to get started on your FunAir journey. 

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