Family Fun With the Water Joust Charter Toy

Family Fun With the Water Joust Yacht Toy

As with every approaching school holiday, it’s time to start planning yacht charters that are family-friendly. It’s common for superyacht charters to welcome guests of all generations coming together for some quality family time and enjoying the yacht’s ocean playground. With this in mind, it’s important to plan activities and have yacht toys onboard that cater to everyone.

At FunAir, we pride ourselves on offering superyacht inflatables that are fun for everyone on board and can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. This month, we’re focusing on one of our favourite water toys, the FunAir Water Joust. Read on to discover why it’s the perfect addition to your yacht toy box this.

What Is the FunAir Inflatable Water Joust?

FunAIr Water Joust superyacht Toy with two yacht crew stood on balance beam holding inflatable battle poles

FunAir’s inflatable Water Joust consists of a stable inflatable platform with a central balance beam. Two opponents can battle it out above the water using lightweight poles to become reigning yacht jousting champions. Guests of all ages love the competitive element of this toy and the contagious excitement it rouses that makes everyone want to get involved.

As we primarily design and build custom superyacht Inflatables, the balance beam can be designed to suit your yacht’s specifications. Literally everything can be customised, the overall design, size, colour, and logos. Alternatively, as the Water Joust is such a popular product, we also stock ready-to-ship Jousts to accommodate time-sensitive requests.

Setting Up the Water Joust

Water joust with a superyacht beach setup with loungers and kayaks

As with most FunAir products, there are a variety of setup and installation options to suit your charter guest’s preferences. As a free-floating inflatable, the joust can be set up just about anywhere, with a set-up time of under 30 minutes. Most commonly, the Water Joust is used out in the deep ocean, where it can be securely tethered to the yacht, eliminating any fear of floating away or drifting too far from the yacht. We’ve also heard great feedback from yachts that use their Water Joust as part of their yacht toy selection that gets taken to shore for a 5-star beach setup to provide hours of entertainment.

A Truly Diverse Charter Toy

Two male children holding inflatable FunAir Water Joust Poles stood on a SUP

The FunAir Water Joust has proven to be a truly diverse charter toy, offering its users much more than an exciting joust match. The lightweight, inflatable jousting poles are designed with comfortable grip handles, so warriors of all ages and sizes can use them comfortably. The poles can be used alone, without the platform, for spontaneous jousting sessions. Our FunYacht, M/Y Loon, frequently uses their Water Joust poles for a match on their inflatable SUP that fits inside their netted Sea Pool. The netted pool ensures everyone stays in place within its barrier and acts as a secure space where children and less confident swimmers can maximise the fun.

FunAir Inflatable Water Joust Superyacht Inflatable balancing beam

The jousting beam also provides tons of fun when used solely. Its easy entry steps make it a great ocean jumping and diving platform, allowing guests to perfect their dive bombs, backflips and swan dives. It also makes for a fantastic gymnastic balancing beam that kids can use to practice their skills, and adults can use it for a great workout while improving their balance skills.

A Superyacht Inflatable for All Ages

Two men stood on a FunAIr Water Joust Balance BEan about to battle with inflatable poles with a superyacht behind them

The FunAir Water Joust is inclusive to people of all ages. The comfort-grip handles of the lightweight jousting sticks mean they can be used comfortably by big and small hands. The easy access steps feature well-placed handles, easy climb steps, and entry netting so guests can easily get aboard without pulling themselves up out of the water or hoisting a leg over.

Once you are up on the jousting platform, users will notice the non-slip material underfoot that allows for greater traction during competition time. These features add extra peace of mind for all the family.

With the FunAir Water Joust set up, the crew can organise a jousting tournament with each guest battling against one another or play team matches for extra family bonding time. No matter how they use it, charter guests will spend hours having fun, improving fitness and balance skills, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

We would love to know how your yacht uses the FunAir Water Joust or any of our superyacht water toys. Tag us on socials with any pictures or send us an email about your experiences. If you’re interested in learning more about the Water Joust, or any other FunAir inflatable, then check out our products page. Or, get in touch with our team to discuss your next superyacht toy.

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