Cobalt Yachts Launch Inflatables Management System (IMS)

At the height of the Miami Yacht Show 2019, our partner Cobalt Yachts launched their patent-pending Splash & Stow inflatables management system (IMS) as part of their new Model A29, which incorporates a host of advanced technology and day-boat convenience features.

The Inflatable Management System enables owners to readily deploy, retrieve and store their yacht toys, and the built-in Splash & Stow system is a super convenient way to enjoy the latest generation of FunAir Water Mats, Paddle Boards and Playgrounds when you prefer to solo sail. 

Visitors to the Miami Show were impressed with the ease and simplicity of being able to mechanically inflate and retrieve the FunAir Water Mat, and loved the additional space and fun on the water that the Mat and Playground provides. 

FunAir Water Mat and Playground

The 29-ft. version of Cobalt’s deluxe crossover A-series, the yacht-certified, 7,200-lb. Model A29 is designed around a rigid Fibreglass structural grid with a deep and spacious bow area. A double-wide helm and port-side walkthrough floor plan contribute to outstanding functional interior ergonomics, and such comfort elements as an oversized head/changing room, an electric fold-down arch, 36 cubic feet of floor storage, an optional galley with refrigerator, and optional air conditioning to the helm and day cabin enhance the luxury boating experience.

Quiet and refined when running, the A29 brings digital technology to pleasure boating with a glass cockpit and an advanced vessel control system that uses the Android OS to provide for intuitive, smartphone-like operation. Functions and longevity are enhanced through the use of app-driven custom upgrades and a future-proof interface. A Siren Marine ‘smart boat’ system remotely monitors battery levels, bilge pump, and other routine status items, relaying this information to the owner via a Cobalt smartphone app. A built-in wireless charging station supports this caliber of convenience; keeping smartphones and other mobile devices ready to use at all times, at the dock or on the water.

To find out more about the A29 or FunAir’s range of water toys please email [email protected]

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