FunAir Dock Slide

How to Determine If Your Dock Will Accommodate a FunAir Inflatable Dock Slide

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions your Dock will be able to accommodate a FunAir Dock Slide…

1. Is your boat dock a well constructed and sturdy two-story dock?

2. Are the railings on the second story made of strong metal or wood that will support 235 lbs?

3. Do the railings allow straps to pass through them (ie. they are not solid panels or glass)?

4. Is the height of your dock’s second story railing to the water between 13’8” and 18’?

5. Looking at the area where you plan to install the Inflatable Dock Slide: Is the potential landing or exit area free of submerged rocks, debris or other objects for at least 20 feet past the slide exit?

6. Is that Dock Slide landing/exit area at least 6’ deep?

7. Does the area on your dock where the Inflatable Dock Slide will be mounted have at least 50″ of width on the railing available? Does it also have 54″ of inward floor area available to accommodate the slide entry steps?

If you answered “yes “to each question above, then your dock should support the FunAir Inflatable Dock Slide. Depending on the distance between the second story railing and the surface of the water and on any tidal variations in your area, your dock may require 1 or 2 Dock Slide Base Units.

Please see the chart below to determine if your dock requires Base Units and if so, how many.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions or have general questions, then please email [email protected].

How to Measure Dock Railing Height

This is a simple, one step process. Run a tape measure from the top of the rail on the 2nd story of your dock (where the slide is going to be located) down to where it touches the waterline.

Please let us know if your waterline is constant or if lake level changes throughout the day/season from your 2nd story rail.

Finally, take another look at your railing and ensure it can support at least 235lbs so the slide will fit safely over the railing.

How to Determine the number of Dock Slide Bases required for your slide

Compare the dock height measurement to the following chart to determine how many base units are required for your dock slide. Also, don’t forget to consider any minor changes in water height due to tides or lake water level variation. The ranges overlap, since minor changes in water height are acceptable within the ranges listed below.

13’8″ to 15’10” = 0 Dock Slide Bases units

14’9″ to 16’11” = 1 Dock Slide Base units

15’10” to 18′    = 2 Dock Slide Base units.

Finally, take another look at your railing and ensure it can support at least 235lbs so the slide will fit safely over the railing.

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