Best Beach Furniture for Your Yacht including FunAir Double Wave Lounger on a jetty with blue water in the background

Best Beach Furniture for Your Yacht

Living life on the water is what yachting is all about. Soaking up the sun’s rays and jumping into the crystal clear ocean is what brings owners and charter guests back on board time after time. Sun pads, comfortable loungers and sofas are all found on yachts, but if you want to add an extra element to the experience, the FunAir Superyacht Beach Furniture collection can quickly turn a bare stretch of sand into a luxurious private oasis. Loungers, daybeds, you name it, FunAir makes it. Just add sunshine.

It’s a well-known fact that extra equipment on board a yacht can be a nightmare for the crew. However, here at FunAir, we understand that crew often needs to deliver a five-star experience in minutes. To cater to every guest’s whim, we have spent years creating the best beach furniture for your yacht that is easy to use, high-quality, quick to set up, and comfortable so both the crew and the guests can rest easy.

If you’re heading to the shore for an exclusive waterside setup or prepping the beach club for a day of al fresco fun, FunAir has what you need…

Versatile, Multi-Purpose Inflatables = Much More Fun

Motoryacht Broadwater charter guests on a FunAir Floating Island with Beach Loungers attached in crystal clear water
Image: MY Broadwater

A modern charter guest wants it all and it’s up to the yacht and her crew to provide that for them. Beach set up this afternoon? Consider it done. Floating island day-long extravaganza the next? No problem. Each day (and each furniture set up) can be a bespoke, curated experience to continually pique the interest of guests.

The ‘beach’ FunAir furniture doesn’t have to be confined to the sandy shores of the nearest island, but can also be used on deck or attached to a FunAir inflatable island. The versatility of each of our furniture pieces is truly what makes them exceptional. Let’s take the Superyacht Beach Lounger, an ideal option for shoreside excursions that can also be used for comfy movie nights on deck, or attached to our Floating Island and Twin Escape platform for guests who wish to sit, relax and well, lounge, throughout the day.

Superyacht Poolside Chairs

A Beach Club Sea Pool with Wave Chairs attached to it and superyacht toys tethering from the pool
Image: MY Playpen

The beauty of FunAir inflatable furniture is each piece has a myriad of uses to customise every superyacht experience. Superyacht Wave Chairs are always a hit with owners and guests, thanks to their contoured, reclined shape that allows for relaxation while still sitting upright. These wave chairs can be quickly deployed in a couple of minutes, and securely attached to the yacht’s Beach Club Sea Pool with in-built D rings for extra security. Beach Club Sea Pools are specifically engineered with a wider deck to accommodate the full range of inflatable chairs and chaise loungers, creating a luxury resort style pool area, floating on the ocean. Their supportive, ergonomic design also allows guests to enjoy drinks and sunbathing without missing any of the action.

Inflatable Furniture for All the Family

Two ladies on a FunAir Shaded Lounger admiring the views in the Caribbean
Image: Catamaran Foxy Lady

Families often embark on a yacht charter or owner’s trips in order to spend quality time with each other, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yacht inflatables and water toys are the ideal way for loved ones to enjoy their time together and FunAir’s inflatable beach furniture is always family-friendly. The FunAir Floating Shaded Lounger is perfect for keeping out of the sun so little ones or sun-sensitive guests who may want to seek shelter from the heat can do so. Plus, the Floating Shaded Lounger is multi-purpose, it can be used as an ​​inflatable beach lounger for any beach set up or as an on-water resting spot, with or without the detachable shade. The Inflatable Day Bed is a double-width lounger that allows for a cosy couple to cuddle up or an afternoon nap spot for the kids. This Day Bed can be used on the beach for an indulgent shoreside excursion or on deck when extra lounging is required.

Smart Designs That Save Space and Time for Yacht Crew

FunAir Inflatable Wave Chair on the Sea Pool of a charter superyacht with a jet ski and island in the background
Image: MY Crescendo IV

FunAir yacht beach furniture (much like our inflatable yacht slides) has been carefully designed and improved throughout the years to be practical and efficient. As the beach furniture can be used in a variety of different ways, there is no need to have multiple chairs or loungers for specific areas of the yacht or activities. This saves an extraordinary amount of space on board and means that the crew only have to spend time inflating the equipment that guests actually use.

Beach furniture can completely transform a space. Our popular Wave Lounger (also available as a Double Wave Lounger) can easily be inflated and used on a yacht’s beach club, on the sand, or on the water while attached to a Beach Club Sea Pool. These are ergonomically designed for comfort, with an S-curved contour for maximum relaxation. With inflation and deflation taking just a couple of minutes, If guests prefer the inflatable Superyacht Wave Chair to a traditional sun pad or chair (and we can’t blame them!), these can easily be moved up to the upper decks for a long day in the sunshine and quickly removed when it’s time to enjoy cocktail hour in the same place.

Designed With the Crew in Mind

A full beach setup with 10 luxury Inflatable Beach Loungers, yacht toys and a daybed
Image: MY illusion V

We understand that yacht crew want equipment on board that is fast, lightweight and hard-wearing. With super tight packing dimensions and lightweight materials, multiple FunAir loungers and chairs can be easily transported on a tender to the beach and stored on board with minimal space requirements. Thanks to the innovative fold-away inflatable designs, crew will often need just one tender trip ashore to get all the supplies ready for when guests arrive.

Plus, the FunAir range of Beach Furniture is lightweight and incredibly simple to clean. Easy-to-wash covers, secured by Velcro, can be attached to almost all items in this collection, which ensures that even drink and food spills can be washed away in an instant. Just throw in the laundry and the covers will be ready to go again.

Comfortable and Customisable

Superyacht charter guests in Croatia enjoying the wide FunAir Sea Pool edge with custom Wave Loungers to relax afterwards
Image: MY Loon

As with many other FunAir products, inflatable beach furniture can be customised with the yacht’s logo and colour scheme. This option not only looks epic in photos but also adds an extra element of personalisation – especially for private yachts. The washable covers can also be adorned with the yacht name or symbol to create a uniform, sleek selection of inflatables for all on board to enjoy.

The ultimate beach furniture set-up awaits. Crew friendly and guest approved, browse the FunAir products today. If you have any questions about our Beach Furniture collection, our team is standing by to assist. Contact [email protected] for more information and to get started on your FunAir journey. 

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