Josh Richardson


Introducing Josh

Josh has always been adventurous. He used to be a stunt driver, paid danger money to push himself to the limits. With his love of all things water sports it’s perhaps no surprise he ended up in the superyacht industry. He’s been both a yacht Captain and a shore based Yacht Manager, and prior to that ran a RYA training school.

UK born Josh has now been at the helm of Superyacht Tenders & Toys for seven years and recently founded sister company Shipyard Supply Co. specialising in the manufacture of deck equipment. It’s fair to say Josh likes to keep himself busy.

What Do You Do for Fun?

I think it’s really important to be active. I love sailing, dinghy racing, kite surfing, wake surfing, cycling with my family, anything outdoors really. I also run a junior sailing class at the local yacht club as I feel it’s very important to encourage kids to participate in activities and get safely out on the ocean.

Living on a peninsula flanked by two rivers that has a lake in the middle, we have a mix of salt and fresh water to have fun on. We have a Ski Nautique that is fantastic for wake boarding, so if it’s not windy you’ll find us out on the water, usually with a fridge full of beers and a group of friends who all enjoy the water as much as I do.

What Makes Superyacht Tenders & Toys Unique?

I’ve worked as both Captain and Yacht Manager and over half the team have worked long-term on yachts. We are all very passionate about water sports and yachting generally. We rigorously test every product that comes in so we know it exceeds the quality levels our clients expect, and the team has the experience and know-how to really put products through their paces. We recently opened sister company, Shipyard Supply Co. because we noticed a trend that the industry likes to go to source when ordering products if they can. Manufacturing items ourselves means we offer a more complete service, particularly at the build phase and can absolutely guarantee the fit and finish every time.

We work on lots of very complex projects and manage them from start to finish. The hard work pays off however and we’ve had some incredible experiences off the back of that. Last year we worked with an owner who is a huge music fan. We were invited to design a carbon catamaran that could beach onto the sands, have a DJ booth lift up out of the deck, big directional concert speakers so he could entertain his guests on the beach, and underwater lighting to keep time with the music. Being a part of projects like that make all the hard work worthwhile.

What Do You Love About FunAir?

They really support us and it feels like we are working towards the same goals. With FunAir almost anything is possible and we’ve partnered on a number of world firsts like the 420 square metre docking system we built for MY Ulysses. Plus the team are great to work with and that always helps.

FunAir have so many amazing products, we are currently organising a session with the new Ski and Wakeboard Ramp and a group of pro-riders that I’m really looking forward to. I also spent some time last summer on a 100+ metre yacht setting up and enjoying a BigAir Blob. The thrill of flying through the air speaks to the adventurous side of me so that was pretty sweet.

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