Andy Haffenden

Ascari 1, Manager and Owners Rep

Introducing Andy

UK born Andy used to own a tech company and now works as a yacht manager and owners rep of MY Ascari 1. Andy loves to create and develop new ideas and enjoys pushing the boundaries, something he has in common with the FunAir team. You will find Andy exploring out on the water on his rib, hiking in the Rockies, snowboarding in the winter season or rocking out on his guitar. We love his eclectic hobbies and cant wait to be part of his next adventure.

What Do You Do for Fun?

I’m really into RIBs and RIB Adventures. Just getting out on the water and exploring. Helicopters fascinate me and the feeling of flying is hard to beat. Sailing is of course a passion as is hiking, especially in the Rockies. In the winter I’ll grab my winter gear and go snowboarding. The mountains, like the sea gives me a sense of open space and tranquility.

I can often be found cycling. I guess I like to be on the go so have lots of hobbies that keep me active. Then there is my guitar collection. Music feeds the soul and I love playing guitar and getting my jam on.

What Makes Ascari 1 Unique? What’s One of Your Favourite Moments on Board?

She is hull number one of a very innovative and timeless design, created by the visionary designers of Palmer Johnson. There are too many favourite moments to list, but most involve a sunset over the horizon on the water!

What Do You Love about FunAir?

Their style, design and willingness to push the limits of inflatable fun on the water. I’ve used many FunAir products including Slides, Docks, Platforms and Pools. All of the products are great, but I think that perhaps the multitude of slide designs would top my list, however I’m sure the best is still to come.